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Sometimes a lot of value has been assigned to things or people which don’t really deserve it, in my opinion.  I have about five obvious examples.  When you examine each, you quickly see how it would be more valuable to quit putting energy into these fallacies and expand ourselves further.

1.  Unliateral political action.  This involves petitioning, postering, speeching, marching, striking, and one-sided dialoguing.  In each case, the other side of the issue is shut out of the process completely.  If the “other side” of the argument isn’t ignored, it is hauled out piecemeal and ridiculed.  These events are almost always 100% “preaching to the converted”, self-congratulatory, non-transformative, all the usual suspects rounded up, divided among themselves for petty reasons, and accomplishing not very much at all.

Solution:  more consensus-building.  This involves including your opponents in your events.  This involves carefully listening to what they have to say, perhaps even…

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