The Kassandra Project


The Kassandra Project was created with the intent to give an alternative point of view to that given by the institutions or the media.
The news are sometimes reported as being read, and sometimes are analyzed to bring to light any manipulation or disinformation.
Anyone can write in Kassandra’s blog: the project aims to give voice to freedom and free information, away from any kind of censorship.
In order to do this, Kassandra needs you, needs all those who want to tell the world the truth, who want to bring real news.
Today They manipulate information, because They know that the control of the public is power and every day use that power to maintain this control by any means.
They have no conscience and do not distinguish between rich and poor, white or black: They are guided only by their ambition and want more and more power.

To participate in the Kassandra Project without being an author, let you visit the section Kassandra Project Newtwork; to participate as an author, let you visit the Community section Kassandra.

Let you distrust from large information centers and support freedom of the individual voice: because those who are in power play to make the puppeteers, make us hear only what They want, make us see only what They want.
We are soldiers in the war of the new millennium: war of marketing and war of information. Tune in on Kassandra to have the demonstration.

Remember: information is salvation, misinformation is damnation!

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The Kassandra Project

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