Iraq invasion: the oil interests of USA

The Kassandra Project


The airport security provided that we cannot carry liquids. No bottles of water. The terrorist found on a plane and promptly blocked could have blown everything with a lighter. Well, what does a passenger after the air travel? He wants to smoke: therefore They have not lifted lighters and matches (they set their number to 4 …) objects that could carry passengers on board! (Pressure from some multinational power with the Congress, ? ..)

Terrorism really was only an excuse to give to Bush the power to do “preventive war” against targets that he could consider a danger to the United States. It was thus that, along with UK, he invented the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam was supposed to hold in Iraq, which obviously were never found.

But do we want to speak about Texans who have been in these months in the oil wells in Iraq? The truth that the desire of those who have power is only one: more power (just take a look to the exchange €\$ and the oil cost in Europe for example…).
The U.S. government prohibits mass broadcast images of Americans dead in battle, which could depress the public and certainly the images of civilians killed by bombing weren’t shown (they showed only those of the “strategic objectives” destroyed).
The Americans who died in Iraq are second in number only to Vietnam. But how many of those soldiers on the front are the children of those who have signed for war?

People don’t know, isn’t informed or was badly informed. And They dominate us. They didn’t send their children but ours, didn’t send brilliant students, but those that They have not been able to ensure a future.

We thank Michael Moore and his documentary “Fahrenheit 9 / 11” for having disclosed this information, which we haven’t to forget. Above all, there is little wonder why Bush has been re-elected after these stories.

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The Kassandra Project

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