The war to terrorism and the Global Big Brother

The Kassandra Project


When Bush’s father wanted to declare war on Iraq for the invasion of Kuwait, saying it lacked the consent of more than half of Americans. By bringing forward a driven media campaign and by building a storyboard done by reciting an alleged Iraqi girl who “saw” the massacre of babies in a hospital, he obtained the consent of the American people to war and he started the operation Desert Storm.
Similarly, Bush’s son began a media campaign of terror: “terrorists may be around you, could take away what you have more expensive, hiding, preparing to hit America with an attack worse than that of 9/11… “.
The fear pill is a very strong weapon: “Our time could be the most insecure that the world has ever known … We must stop the terror.” Then because they were not yet fully convincing, they said by TV (farewell press freedom …) which was designed an attack in a remote town of campaign of 2000 inhabitants, which of course scared the country.
The American people therefore asked to be protected. Well, at this point, the Congress approved the Patrioct Act, which was signed by Bush, and that allowed them to investigate:

– On medical and financial documents
– On telephone conversations and computer (email, chat …)
– On library books

even if the suspect had never committed any crime. It was signed on the pass for Big Brother and the Americans were ready to give up their privacy right in exchange for security. But security by whom? From what?

We thank Michael Moore and his documentary “Fahrenheit 9 / 11” for having disclosed this information, which we haven’t to forget. Above all, there is little wonder why Bush has been re-elected after these stories.

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The Kassandra Project

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