Corporations: manipulation and marketing

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In this article we develop some ideas taken from “The Corporation” by Michael Moore, we thank him for his contribution.

The corporations understood a long time ago that the manipulation of advertising is essential for their profits. “Kid is the key”: They learned to develop “consumer power” in people, or imposed choices and solutions based on their concept of morality, family, utility, freedom, respect for nature, providing consumers with products that they do not claim, basing them on concepts like fashion.
To implement this strategy, they need persons completely dissociated from each other, whose conception of theirself, their value, are only: “how many created desires can I satify?”

Life as a sponsor, life is a sponsors“: they are buying the spiritual values after they bought the materials ones; “creative minds strive to strengthen our confidence in corporations, seduce us with deceptive illusions, designed to distract and build our consent “. They reworked the fundamental concepts of human freedom, loyalty, fidelity, etc.. so we can believe that they are like us, but overall that they are the model to follow.

“Do you want to be free? Buy our cars. Do you want to prove your loyalty? Buy our diamond De Beers” … And have upset these points of view … Because if you see that car you think freedom, if you see Disney you think family and tradition, if you see De Beers you think quality and fidelity …
In this way they don’t sell a product but a mark and the meaning that they gave to that mark.
They oblige us to relate our ideas to the mark so we don’t think to a company, to a palace, but to a “man” or “woman” who warrants a value … a right, a feeling, an emotion …

They oblige us to believe that they are responsible for the progress and welfare. Are you really sure that this is the truth? We believe that they can buy people, but not ideas, feelings, emotions, values.

The solution? The corporations build their power over consumers. None of us tomorrow won’t drink a Coca-Cola (it is good, isn’t it?), but we could tell to Coca Cola, “you can show me that your product does not destroy lifes of any kind and respects the nature and the rights of people like me? If you can prove it, we’ll use your product, otherwise we’ll use that of a company that meets my requirements.”

By requiring these guarantees with determination, we can kick-start the engine of corporations: the race to capture the consumer. But to capture the consumer they must meet our demands for not to fail; they will listen us.

This is the power that we have over them: we must exploit it, or end up in a world controlled by corporations, where they’ll give meaning to love or friendship or freedom, in function of their products.

We suggest our Kassandra TV about Corporations.

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