Corporations: the dead of information

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In this article we develop some ideas taken from “The Corporation” by Michael Moore, we thank him for his contribution.

The mass media need sponsors and financing work. The question is: who gives news that could be against those sponsors? Nobody.
The government and the media are working with the corporations to maintain power and bring them profits, holding a derisory slice of cake, and passively they accept this without understanding.

We are no more protected by anyone: we have only ourselves. But if we’re alone, we can only give information and hope that there are others like us, and then create ourselves a corporation which fight for its own profit: life, human rights, freedom of choice, expression, information.
The corporations are nothing without the community who they sell the brand or its meanings: the community is a machine that generates money for the corporations, and it is the community that must act on common principles.

What would you do if your father was the CEO of Shell corporation, and had over his consciousness the life and health of millions of Africans?
We must act on sensibility of people like corporations do from years; we must create an anti-corporation corporation. The biggest corporation of this type is the planet … we are its shareholders… And you?

We need to decide what is good for us … So why don’t we exploit the power of corporations to get it? They want to make money by following what market wants… Ok, what if you ask ecology, sustainable development?

Coca cola? Is sustainable? Is ecological? Otherwise not buy … This is what we must use to get what we ask. They just want to make more money: we want that they don’t exploit anyone anymore in the world in order to produce their products, otherwise we won’t buy. At that point they should invent something to solve the problem, or fail.
One possible revolt? ALL supermarkets that do not buy the products of Coca Cola, Monsanto, etc.. Saying “I do not stretch that logo” ..

Simply they think that we aren’t able to think.

“TRUST is a feeling of security that comes from the confidence in someone or something. It’s a personal conviction of fairness and truth and can not be enforced. If you get the confidence of someone, you have established a relationship based on interpersonal communication, on shared values and experiences. TRUST is always by reciprocity.”
The corporations want you trust them, even if they have no moral and therefore by their nature the don’t trust you. The question is: why should you trust them? Similarly for governments and the media.

We are in the war of advertising, marketing, sponsors, and it is a war without borders which knows no allies, everyone against everyone, towards the total destruction, global. We are seeing it now already, in the corners of the world.
On one side there are financed trafficking with the consequent struggle that comes from it, from another side poverty, from another one we can see pollution, or dictatorship. There are too many problems around the world that sooner or later all together will knock at our door, at your door.

The truth is that the economical, but especially social, system failed. It failed inside our homes, our schools, failed in our offices and in our cities.
Representatives of the citizens do not represent us any more: the system failed in the nations, in the continents. It is just a great mass bankruptcy.

Are you sure you want to be part of this bankruptcy?

We suggest our Kassandra TV about Corporations.

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The Kassandra Project

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