Corporations: what kind of “men” are they?

The Kassandra Project


In this article we develop some ideas taken from “The Corporation” by Michael Moore, we thank him for his contribution.

The “personality” of the corporation is summarized in the following profile:

– Callous unconcern for the feelings of others
– Incapacity to mantain enduring relationship
– Reckless disregards for the safety of others
– Deceitfulness: repeated lying and conning others for profit
– Incapacity to experience guilt
– Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours

Since their target is to increase the capital, they do not care feelings or emotions of others. As a result, corporations are incapable of maintaining enduring relationships and shamelessly lie to others while making money.

Their activities cause serious damage to people who work for them, their consumers (including their shareholders) and the nature: however they are unable to feel remorse for this and tend to hide their atrocities buying silence with money, it costs less to corrupt instead to adapt to the laws.

The diagnosis is clear and you can get it from any book of psychiatry: the corporations have the same personality of a psychopath. Unbelievable!

We suggest our Kassandra TV about Corporations.

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The Kassandra Project

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