Critical political condition in Italy

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At this moment there are 25 condemned MPs in the Italian parliament. The Italian comedian Beppe Grillo pursued for several years a hard battle for a “clean parliament”.

The situation of the Italian political class is critical, if compared with that of Italian citizens. In fact, in 1999 the Italian politicians have eaten for a total of 1.472.000,00 €, paid by taxes of citizens. They get a salary and are entitled to a pension after 35 months in parliament, while forcing people to 35 years of social security.

They get about 103.000,00 € with the reimbursement of election expenses (violating the law on party financing), and who was President of the Republic, in the Senate or in the House have an entire life of privileges (for example an office, secretary, a blue car, free)

The political class caused a damage to Italy for,00 €: MPs cost to Italian citizens about 2.215,00 € per MINUTE.

The Italian mass media refuse to talk about these numbers, or simply give them little significance. It recalls the outcry sparked by “Poseidon” and “Why not” investigations of the judge De Magistris, stopped by the Justice Minister Mastella, one of the distinguished parliamentarians under investigation.

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  1. chichingero

    good afternoon
    I write you from Italy I’m italian
    I’d like to write here my history and what happen since we bought an abandoned farmhouse and some political wanted my land and my property
    they did no esitate to put us in big problems
    here a short story

    In the year 2001 we purchased an abandoned farm estate with a ruined farmhouse in the hills near Rome. In 2002 we sold the house in town where we had always lived in order to begin the restoration of the farmhouse. There we planned to live and create a farmhouse holiday business.

    We worked hard to bring the ancient olive grove back to production. The property with its magnificent setting slowly returned to its ancient beauty and the olive grove began again to bear fruit. Thanks to all our hard work, the value of the property started to increase considerably but then, suddenly, at the end of 2002 our problems began.
    We were not able to understand what was happening: the problems multiplied and became more difficult to comprehend.
    Was it possible that town’s official technicians were mistaken?
    Why were they insisting in their errors? The technicians denounced me for building abusively on a protected property.
    At the end they inscribed me in the book of suspects at the penal court.
    We were shattered economically by these problems.

    In November of 2003 we found out that there were no building restrictions on the farmhouse, and we also discovered that a part of our land had a very high rating for future development: a huge 8,700 cubic metres of building permissions were to be allowed here. This translates to 30 villas of 100 sqm each located very close to the tourist site of the hot baths.

    Upon discovering these important details of the false accusations and the appetizing possibility of future building, we began to write to the Mayor and other administrators of the Town.
    The Mayor who also is european deputy, very young.
    never replied to the more than twenty letters sent to him.
    There was even one in local dialect that he should have been able to understand . In these notes
    I shouted :
    -You have put me in trouble!
    -It is all false!
    -Who wants our home?
    -Who wants our land?
    -Who wants the farmhouse?
    -Who has put us in such economic disaster that we cannot defend ourselves?
    -Who has decided to destroy a family?

    They were terrible and dramatic days for it seemed that the funds awarded to me by the European Market Law 215 for female entrepreneurs ( 50,000 euro!) must be given back. However according to the Finance Police, “The agricultural funds …show no mistakes” thus these European Funds did not have to be returned. Nevertheless the false accusations had ruined us.

    Now everything has been cleared up and the story has been successfully closed thanks to a good, honest lawyer and an architect with the same virtues. Both of them have helped us out of the nightmare of these false accusations.
    but just 20 later my husband had a stroke caused from stress.

    the problems is over but it has cost us a lot both in money and in health issues.
    In the meantime we have begun to work and running our successful cooking week and have been written up on prestigious international magazines and newspapers like the Times, the BBC and the Australian TV and many accolades continue to arrive from abroad.

    The fraud had been so well organized that it would be stupidity not to be deceived, they say. But here the political class used silence and we were very close to being sent to the grave.
    The shrewd political class (as a Weaver), with his respectable and honourable façade has been defeated. Those who wanted to cementify and speculate were not able to, and will never be able to do so on our land.
    Is there some journalist or Geoff Andrews interested to write an article about the political class corruption, illegality, and the situation in Italy for people who want only to work in the respect of the low?
    In Italy to be able to defend ourself is necessary to be or journalist or comic as Beppe Grillo or very very rich
    the situation is very ugly and bad for all
    the political class is allowed do not respect the low
    hope to hear some of you
    many thanks

  2. Thank you for your words my friend. We fight for Italy, we try to extend beyond your borders stories like yours, but Italy must change, italian citizens must change their way of thinking or nothing will never change.

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