The manifest

Today, the world needs you.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” (G.Orwell)

Did you ever feel that this world is not as you would like it?
Did you ever think that tomorrow would be better than today?
Isn’t worth to save it from those who want to destroy or dominating it?


Kassandra Project
needs your help!

Help you and help us to change the world

If you want, become now one of our blog-writers from anywhere in the world, in order to say what you have to say!
What does an author write? He writes about what he thinks it could be useful for people to know: the TRUTH!
To become one of us, write to sending the informations specified below.

We are waiting for you.

Si vous le souhaitez, devenu aujourd’hui l’un des rédacteurs de notre blog à partir de n’importe où dans le monde, pour dire ce que vous avez à dire!
Que fait un auteur à écrire? Il écrit sur ce qu’il pense qu’il pourrait être utile pour les gens de savoir: la VERITE!
Pour devenir l’un de nous écrire à l’envoi d’informations mentionnés ci-dessous.

Nous vous attendons.


Wenn Sie möchten, werden jetzt eines unserer Blog – Schriftsteller aus der ganzen Welt, um zu sagen, was Sie zu sagen haben!
Was bedeutet ein Autor schreiben? Er schreibt über das, was er denkt, daß es nützlich sein könnte für die Menschen zu wissen: die WAHRHEIT!
Zu einem von uns an, schreiben Sie Senden Sie die Informationen enthalten sind.

Wir warten auf Sie.

Se vuoi, diventa adesso uno dei nostri autori nel blog da qualunque parte del mondo, per dire quel che hai da dire!
Cosa scrive un autore? Scrive di quello che ritiene utile far sapere alle persone: la VERITA’!
Per diventare uno di noi, scrivi a inviando le informazioni specificate sotto.

Si lo desea, ahora convertido en uno de los redactores de nuestro blog desde cualquier lugar del mundo, con el fin de decir lo que tiene que decir!
¿Qué escribe un autor? Él escribe acerca de lo que él piensa que podría ser útil para la gente a saber: la VERDAD!
Para convertirse en uno de nosotros, escriba a envío de los datos especificados a continuación.

Le esperamos.

Kassandra Project Subscription Information

Topics of interest:

Why I want to support the project:

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  1. Username: Johnnypeepers
    Country: USA
    Age: N/A
    Topic of Interest: Free Speech, International Geo-politics, Religious-based violence, U.S. foreign policy, economics, civil liberties, fundamental human rights

    Why I want to support the project: I have read numerous articles and posts on this site. I feel that I have the knowledge, talents, and abilities to communicate a shared belief in the need for humanity to reject the artificially imposed constraints that bind us. I could go on, but I wait for firther contact. I am happy to submit a private letter or you can see my writing abilitiers at –

    Thank you for whoever reads this and count me as one who wishes to support Kassandra.


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