Global control: USA’s key agencies

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What are the main agencies involved in the global control? NSA, NGA, NAO. We found an interesting article in “Bush Goes Private to Spy on You“, By Tim Shorrock, CorpWatch. Posted December 6, 2007:

The NSA, through a global network of listening posts, surveillance planes, and satellites, captures signals from phone calls, email and internet traffic, and translates and analyzes them for U.S. military and national intelligence officials.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which was formally inaugurated in 2003, provides overhead imagery and mapping tools that allow intelligence and military analysts to monitor events from the skies and space. The NSA and the NGA have a close relationship with the supersecret National Reconnaissance Agency (NRO), which builds and maintains the U.S. fleet of spy satellites and operates the ground stations where the NSA’s signals and the NGA’s imagery are processed and analyzed. By law, their collection efforts are supposed to be confined to foreign countries and battlefields.

The National Applications Office was conceived in 2005 by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which Congress created in 2004 to oversee the 16 agencies that make up the U.S. intelligence community. The ODNI, concerned that the legal framework for U.S. intelligence operations had not been updated for the global “war on terror,” turned to Booz Allen Hamilton of McLean, Va., one of the largest contractors in the spy business. The company was tasked with studying how intelligence from spy satellites and photoreconnaissance planes could be better used domestically to track potential threats to security within the United States. The Booz Allen study was completed in May of that year and has since become the basis for the NAO oversight plan. In May 2007, McConnell, the former executive vice president of Booz Allen, signed off on the creation of the NAO as the principal body to oversee the merging of foreign and domestic intelligence collection operations.

The NAO is “an idea whose time has arrived,” Charles Allen, a top U.S. intelligence official, told the Wall Street Journal in August 2007 after it broke the news of the NAO’s creation. Allen, the DHS’s chief intelligence officer, will head the new program. The announcement came just days after President George W. Bush signed a new law approved by Congress to expand the ability of the NSA to eavesdrop, without warrants, on telephone calls, email and faxes passing through telecommunications hubs in the United States when the government suspects agents of a foreign power may be involved. “These [intelligence] systems are already used to help us respond to crises,” Allen later told the Washington Post. “We anticipate that we can also use them to protect Americans by preventing the entry of dangerous people and goods into the country, and by helping us examine critical infrastructure for vulnerabilities.”

Donald Kerr, a former NRO director who is now the No. 2 at ODNI, recently explained to reporters that the intelligence community was no longer discussing whether or not to spy on U.S. citizens: “Our job now is to engage in a productive debate, which focuses on privacy as a component of appropriate levels of security and public safety,” Kerr said. ”I think all of us have to really take stock of what we already are willing to give up, in terms of anonymity, but [also] what safeguards we want in place to be sure that giving that doesn’t empty our bank account or do something equally bad elsewhere.”

Did you ever see the movie “Enemy of the state“? An extract:

As the movie opens, the government is close to passing legislation to expand surveillance powers of law enforcement agencies. Republican Congressman Phil Hammersley (Jason Robards, uncredited) is trying to stop the bill because he believes it is an invasion of privacy, while Thomas Reynolds (Jon Voight), is trying to push the bill through to advance his career. Hammersly is then killed near a lake by two rogue NSA agents loyal to Reynolds, who plant a bottle of heart medication near the body to make the death seem like a heart attack.

We arrived there as well. No one can protect us. And what are we doing? What american citizens are doing? The shadows of orwellian ideas are on USA at this moment…

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  1. Jim

    “Finding Redemption Through Acceptance”, an essay on the “This I Believe” segment on NPR’s Weekend Edition, Sunday morning December 9, 2007, could not have been better written by the White House itself.

    The essay asks us to accept all the “frames” the Bush administration places around facts about the War on Terror. In the face of vast factual evidence to the contrary, the conveniently anonymous author of this essay suggests that: (1) soldiers volunteer for duty in Iraq out of a desire to “make a difference”; employees of Haliburton, Blackwater, KBR, and other contractors in Iraq are motivated by a desire to do good (their $600,000 annual salaries notwithstanding); torture occurs only rarely and then by overzealous individuals acting without authorization; prisoners at Guantanamo are fed chocolates, play dominos and are “clients” of genuinely sincere caretakers; good Christian values of salvation and redemption are what the war is all about – not capitalism, globalization, corporatism, imperialism, terribly bad planning, failed policies, etc.

    Could this essay be a propaganda plant, originated by the White House, the CIA, or a neo-conservative organization? Sadly, in our world and nation today one must give credence to that possibility.

  2. yes, of course. We don’t know ever wchich informations are true or false. I’ll publish your comment as an article by you.

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