Italy: a country without government

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Today the italian Minister of Justice Mastella threatened Italy declaring that “he doesn’t feel he is part of this government” and that “he won’t join the counsil: risk of government“.

In addition to our related article “Critical political condition in Italy” we come back to speak about Mastella. Who is Mastella? From

…laureato in Lettere e Filosofia, giornalista, Mastella è Segretario nazionale dei POPOLARI-UDEUR e attualmente è Ministro della Giustizia.

L’impegno e la passione per la politica e per il giornalismo hanno caratterizzato la sua vita.


… Degree in Literature and Philosophy, journalist, Mastella is National Secretary of POPOLARI-UDEUR and is currently Minister of Justice.

The commitment and passion for politics and journalism have characterized his life.

But this is what “Mastella” said about him! We said “It recalls the outcry sparked by “Poseidon” and “Why not” investigations of the judge De Magistris, stopped by the Justice Minister Mastella, one of the distinguished parliamentarians under investigation.

Now we know that another judge, Clementina Forleo, has been removed from her investigation about economic interests between politicians and Unipol case.

The comic Beppe Grillo dedicated him good part of his own blog in articles as “Tritolo? Why not?” or “Anch’io sono ammastellato” where Grillo spoke about the lawsuit who Mastella launched to him.

Beppe proposed an initiative against:

I agree with the following points:

1 – The judiciary has been stopped by politics
2 – Once with Falcone and Borsellino is used the tritolo
3 – day intervenes directly with the Minister for Justice

The Kassandra Project, from the world, wants to partecipate to that initiative:

Italy is really going down. Italians, save your country.

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The Kassandra Project

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  1. Thanks friend!
    In Italy the devastation of capitalism, symbolized by Berlusconi, is destroing all.
    Now there is a block ot transport: we have no fuel and food in the market.
    We need help from other democratic country, to free us from a group of corroput politicians who are put us in ruins and have destroyed our minds thanks to the control of mass media.

  2. italy is really going down
    the situation is very dangerous because the economic power and the political power are the same thing.
    The corruption and the incapacity are at the top in this moment!

    save us,please!

  3. stop crying please my friends, we can do it

    recently I have been asked this by another friend:

    why do you complain? do you just want an easy life for you and your family or maybe you want ethic in your own life and political life as well? in this situation, is very hard you can get both, while your life style is the root for political life style

    what do you think?

  4. I think we need people like you here, to write with us about this hard topics. You’re officially invited to partecipate.

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