Italian citizens ask for help

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Yesterday, after our article “Italy: a country without government“, we receive a lot of e-mails and comments and more than 200 visits by italians who thanks us for our support to their country.

We are sad to say that Italy, one of the most beautiful country of the world, is under pressure, without a government and based on corruption. For this reason we’ll dedicate one or more article a day to Italy and we’ll be happy to support Beppe Grillo with our voice. Today the newspaper Repubblica wrote that italians distrust the state:

Trust %
Police 72.7%
President 56.0%
UE 47.8%
Religion 36.6%
Judges 36.2%
State 29.6%

Italians distrust the state, the religion, the judges. Why?

They need help, they ask for help, but they know that if they want to solve their troubles, they must be fight against this state made of corruption, laws without justice and manipulation of information.

In these days Saccà, the president of the principal tv channel (RAI), is under investigation for hypothesis of corruption and his relationship with Silvio Berlusconi: probably he was manipulated by the government on 2002 to make particular choices. On 2002 Berlusconi was the “premier”.

The world is seeing Italy equal to corruption, censorship, manipulation, disinformation.

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The Kassandra Project

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  1. I would like to contact you “the kassandraproject responsable” by email.

  2. oh I think I found what i was looking for, someone who believe me and reply to my worries about my country and does not consider me a pessimistic by nature

    available for action

  3. Hello Giuliana. We are here to organize ourselves against Them. Do you want to be one of us?
    Are you looking for any kind of action? Good, write with us, report us what you see in your country, take visibility of this site to italians like you.
    We are here, for you, for us. We’re waiting to be more, and more, and more. We’ll be happy to have your contribute. Write us soon.

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