Italy: a country in knee

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On Wednesday, Italy was blocked by a strike which constrained the country in knee.

Stations without petrol, supermarkets without food, university canteens closed, blocked highways: the numbers of this strike are alarming. A first estimation is:

  • More than 1 billion € for every day of strike;

  • Higher prices of foodstuffs up to 30% with an increase of 20 euros per family, with increases “unjustified” which reached 50%;

  • Stations have lost 500 million;

  • Supermarkets lost about of 1.7 billion of collections.

Consumers have taken assault small grocery stores that thanks to stockpile sufficient for 2-3 days and supplies are made on a local scale have rectum impact.

Italy is a country without government, in the hands of strikes which block its economy: italians are unhappy of their country and their society, and New York Times on Wednesday post this video and this article about Italy and the work of Beppe Grillo.


There are two movements in the real world: meetup and meetupalliance which work for common sense, for common health. Italians, break on through to the other side!

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    Italians feel very offended in the last few months, but this is also because all their belief about a confortable and easy life are falling down: many of the people who are now complaining now will later accept to be happy and silent if being offered a good job with the help of a political recomendation

    don’t you think?

  2. I think so my friend, I think so.

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