Human rights: Beijing Olympic Games

The Kassandra Project


The Kassandra Project supports Reporter Without Borders. In this moment they’re working for human rights and press freedom in China. You can read more on “The Reporters Without Borders list of nine things the Chinese authorities must do before the Beijing Olympic Games:“, which we reproduce here to give just more echo to their initiative:

  1. Release all journalists and Internet users detained in China for exercising their right to information.
  2. Abolish for ever the restrictive articles in the Foreign Correspondents Guide that limit the media’s freedom of movement and work.
  3. Disband the Publicity Department (the former Propaganda Department), which exercises daily control over content in the Chinese press.
  4. End the jamming of foreign radio stations.
  5. End the blocking of thousands of news and information websites based abroad.
  6. Suspend the “11 Commandments of the Internet,” which lead to content censorship and self-censorship on websites.
  7. End the blacklisting of journalists and human rights activists, which prevents them from visiting China.
  8. Lift the ban on Chinese media using foreign news agency video footage and news reports without permission.
  9. Legalize independent organisations of journalists and human rights activists.

They also supports another initiative, you can find here: “Reporters Without Borders also supports the eight demands of the Collectif Chine JO 2008 (China 2008 Olympics Collective), an alliance of nine human rights organisations based in France“:

  1. Free all those persons who have been imprisoned since the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations and all prisoners of conscience.
  2. Put an end to the control of news and information, including on the Internet.
  3. Suspend executions throughout China with a view to abolishing capital punishment.
  4. Abolish non-judicial detention.
  5. End the use of torture.
  6. Allow the formation of free and independent trade unions.
  7. Repeal article 306 of the criminal code, which allows repressive measures to be taken against lawyers.
  8. End the forcible evictions of citizens from their homes or lands.

Help them to help repressed chinese people. China is one of the “black hole” of press freedom in the world:

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The Kassandra Project

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