Human slave: how can we be so blind?

The Kassandra Project


Did you ever think how many stages you have to do in order to reach your target? The second question is: which is your target?

Infact we start from a step zero and with our work we are going up the stairs towards our target. What are the steps? How many are they?

Who has power and wants to obtain HIS own target, creates a dynamic system where there are a lot of people at the bottom, there a lot of people a little step above them, then there are a lot of people above those, and so on.

This is a modified pyramid system, where from any point you can start, you’ll never reach the top! Don’t you believe us?

Do you know why there are a lot of specializations on every kind of work? Did you ever see that these specializations have only few differences among them?

They’re teasing us, they’re joking with us. You’ll remain around your actual position for all life, or something like this. In the ancient Egypt the social system looked like this:

where it was possible to go towards the top. Today you go around positions of the pyramid which are about on the same level, ever! They only change the name of positions and call the movement as “an advance” and in this way they can control us for ever.

How can we be so blind? We are slave of the people in the top: but we are the majority, we have to know our power, only with this knowledge we can fight them and we can liberate us by them. We must know our power.

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The Kassandra Project

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