We made Italy, now we have to make italians

The Kassandra Project

Italy. Sweet Italy. The country of ancient romans, Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo.

But today? Today Italy is a country where “red” and “black” fight for the power, where the political class costs almost 1 billion € for year, where the justice is only for who is able to buy it.

Today Italy is a country where everything is possible.

It’s possible that some fishers over their vessel helped a group of immigrants to reach the nearest port of Lampedusa (as requested from a lot of Bill of rights which has been signed from the italian government) and then they were reported for abetting illegal immigration.

It’s possible that some fishers over their vessel didn’t help a group of immigrants to reach the nearest port of Lampedusa (as requested from a lot of Bill of rights which has been signed from the italian government) and then they were reported for failing to render assistance.

It’s possible that men who killed, who stole, who raped, can abandon their jails thanks to pardon by Minister of Justice Mastella.

It’s possible that, for some marijuana, there are teen-agers in jails or in juvenile prisons.

It’s possible that italian citizens paid tax to send Romanian murderers in their country, people who killed italian people, and after 50 days they come back to Italy as free immigrants.

It’s possible that Lamberto Dini’s wife (Dini is an italian senator) Donatella Pasquali Zingone is convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy to 2 years and 4 months of prison which are totally cancelled because of Mastella’s pardon, so she didn’t ever see the prison.

It’s possible that judges like De Magistris and Forleo who investigated about corruption of some ministers and members of the italian political and economic class, have been kept out from their works because italian Ministers decided so, without any respect for judges’ rights and for freedom.

It’s possible that Fabrizio Corona photographed scandals of VIPs, went to jail, was investigated because it seems that he blackmailed them for the purpose of extortion, causing a disarray in Italy (investigation for relationships among cocaine and VIPs, extortions and more), now he’s free to work and to make more money without do nothing.

It’s possible that everyone becomes famous by putting its idiocy or its tits in TV. Italy is full of fake actors, fake actress, fake dancers, fake singers for this reason.

Italy today is a country where citizens have only one role: to pay taxes to mantain the “dolce vita” to political class.

If italians are really tired to see their country going down, they must march towards Rome, towards the government, toward Milan, towards TV studios, towards new “barbies” and “kens”, saying “we don’t want you here, go away!“.

But are italian citizens sure to want this? They love their kind of life. But we think they are still in the years where king Vittorio Emanuele II told Giuseppe Garibaldi “We made Italy, now we have to make italians” (1860).

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The Kassandra Project

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  1. Italian crisis is based on the people of Italy.

    For decades, after our grandfathers’s struggle against fascism, We, Italians, let Our corrupted political class growing and We nourished it to get a good job for Our sons, to get permission to build a house on Our private piece of land regardless of enviromental issues, etc.

    What is changed today is only that there is a shortage of money to share: people get upset because they can not easily live their usual Italian life with the money they have, while our politicians barricade with the left-overs. If they still could do their life, you won’t hear many voices complaining.

    I would be very sad in seeing an Italian revolution made of petition for cheap goods and petrol regardless of environmental, war and life style issues, a revolution build on our boiling fears and made of anger against “them”, a revolution without a strong idea of community duties to rebuild this country.

    In this situation it would be so easy for someone to call for “the new salvation man” to help us against the dirty political old class, as it already happened in this country in 1922, and, let’s not forget, much more recently with Berlusconi.

    A renaissance in Italy can only be based on honesty at each level, on our responsibility in everything we do as citizens.

    Understood this, we can also send some of “us” at home.

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