What if 9/11 Pentagon Strike was a fake?

The Kassandra Project

We want to give you these incredible videos about conspiracies behind 9/11 Pentagon Strike. We suggest you to see them. We put here the english and the spanish version.

English version
Spanish version

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The Kassandra Project

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  1. underdog

    whoosh.. wow…. golly… shoot.

    then what would we doo?

  2. We asked to our readers the same things..

  3. Sorry about making the bad comment before. I am with you and see err in my ways.

    Can you do me a favor though, so i can spread message better? All my comments go to askimet spam folder and do not get posted. Can you mark this comment to you as un-spam, post it, and then delete it? It would help me get unbranded as spammer, which i am not.

    I plan to delve heavily into the subjects you cover. I need the opportunity to do so – you control the reigns for me to get the message out. I plan to delve heavily into corpocracy, false-flag attacks, and the Illumaniti/banker coalition soon, I been spoon-feeding to get a foothold. I want to align with you and educate the sheeple. Please accept my humble apology.


  4. This government of ours seems capable of anything. What is not stated in the video is the cause for all this, if indeed it was a deception orchestrated by the federal government. The most frequently stated cause is to provide a pretext for invading the Middle East. There is supporting evidence for this – neo-conservatives (so called) who are not conservative at all, had been urging an excuse to invade Iraq for some years. Why? Controlling oil seems to be the obvious reason. Without oil our remaining dominance in the world would crumble. There is a coming crunch for oil supplies, and the USA has planned to control the Iraqi oil, the second largest known oil reserves in the world, I believe. It may come to pass or may not, we will see. Whether the conspiracy is exactly correct or not, we clearly had a pre-set agenda with a number of dishonest explanations for that agenda, such as saying that Iraq was supporting terrorists, which was not true, and that they had weapons of mass destruction.

    How long will we be led by the nose by dishonest federal governments? Wake up time is here.

  5. That is Portuguese, not Spanish. I don’t mean to be a smart alec, but since I know the difference I had to let you all know.

    • Brian

      The attacks on the twin are real except for the pentagon the government are definetely hiding something one of the facts abuts the attack was that the crash site was where all the computers were

  1. 1 What if 9/11 Pentagon Strike was a fake? « The Kassandra Project: freedom against disinformation

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