The secret is to keep us in agony

The Kassandra Project

Did you ever think about people who got power?

Who got power wants one thing only: keep it. So let’s start to think to political class, to economical class.

If you represent a state, your power comes from people: if citizens think they need you (in your position) to live in their country, they’ll keep you there; on the contrary they’ll keep you out.

If you are a Pharmaceutical corporation you have to be aware that:

  • If you’ll sell good products, your customers will recover and they won’t need you more: you’ll lose your customers;
  • If you’ll sell bad products, your customers will die: you’ll lose your customers;

So the question is: what is the right way to follow in order to not lose your customers/citizens/and so on?

The answer is quite easy: the secret is to keep them in agony, so they’ll need you for ever.

But how can you keep people in agony?

My friend, you must use the TERROR. For exampe:

  • People don’t like your government: you must give them a tragedy such that they won’t be quiet if you won’t be at the government (… like 9/11 ?);
  • People began to think they don’t need medicine: you must give them a virus who kills thousands of them;

The secret, my friend, is to convince people that they decide, that they have the power: you must LIE, you must KILL, you must STEAL.

If we die they couldn’t keep their power on somebody; but if just some of us would die, the situation would be the opposite.

Think my friend, think.

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The Kassandra Project

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  1. The hidden golden agenda of our political system and power-hungry politicians of the so called super power nations of the world. Great post to probe, think and act.

  2. These tactics can only be used on those afraid of loosing their own power. Our power can only be lost due to fear; learn to live fear free; after all, all you need is already given to you. Everything must come to an end in its current form. Don’t allow the manipulators to turn us into master manipulators. The need to be in control is a fear that stems from a fear of loosing something. When you realize that all will be well, no matter what, you will learn to conquer those fears.

  3. The problem is that majority of people is not ready..

  4. Blue Sky Victim

    Accusation-I am the Blue Sky Victim. The Television and Radio industries, hereinafter MEDIA, have expanded on the work of Dr. Jose Delgado and Dr. Fry.
    1. I have seen firsthand demonstrations of the MEDIA’s ability to capture human thought, modulate it in with the MEDIA’s outgoing carrier so that those thoughts can be heard in the head of any person the outgoing carrier passes through; hereinafter TALKINGHEADPHENOMENA.
    2. The MEDIA has also demonstrated the ability to make static/feedback heard in the same manner as TALKINGHEADPHENOMENA; hereinafter STATICHEADPHENOMENA. Multiple counties can be subjected to STATICHEADPHENOMENA. The only apparent reason for the STATICHEADPHENOMENA I observed in the Los Angeles/Orange county area was to coerce the population into acting in a particular manner.
    3. I have seen firsthand demonstrations of the MEDIA’s ability to make entire videos appear as dreams during sleep; Hereinafter DREAMHEADPHENOMENA.
    4. I have seen varied other radio/electromagnetic Phenomena; The government unofficially acknowledged the activity then failed to action under FCC or any pertinent Bureau or statute.
    Proposed Solution-Specific legislative Act outlawing any Electromagnetic Wave that is detectible at the human anatomy or human thought process. Specific priority inclusive of that Act so this matter does not get shuffled under some other agenda.
    What I Want From The Readers Of This Site-Post other Jurisdictions where the activities described as is TALKINGHEADPHENOMENA, STATICHEADPHENOMENA, DREAMHEADPHENOMENA is occurring. Post your legislative thoughts in this matter. Propose legislation that encompasses the problem without passing into unrelated areas concerning statements made, political influence and religious influence etc. etc.

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