RFID Tracking – The 21st Century Human Branding Experiment

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In this article, the International herald Tribune details how Metro Group, a retail chain in Germany, is placing small chips in garments that will communicate radio signals by way of portable readers. This technology (known as RFID) uses a tag that can be used for tracking or identifying the carrier. Currently, RFID technology is utilized in passports, shipment tracking, animals, libraries, retail store loyalty cards, and as reported here, human beings (to track medical records).

The rapidly expanding use of this technology has far-reaching and damaging consequences for individual privacy and freedom from governmental (and non-governmental) surveillance. There are many compelling reasons that individuals should fear this insidious technology, including the heightened risk of identity theft, privacy violations, detrimental health consequences, and the Globalist’s aim to brand humans like barnyard chattel.

RFID technology will soon be employed on a global scale for the purpose of monitoring every living being. Even if the RFID chips are not placed on the person, their attachment to clothes (and other personal articles) will allow for constant indirect monitoring of the individual. This surveillance promotes the constant fear of a snoop looking over your shoulder, and if left unchecked, will result in the erosion of privacy rights and individual autonomy. Though many security protection measures have been implemented to protect privacy, they will be eroded over time through reverse engineering or legislative measures that invalidate their protections.

In late February, the European Commission issued privacy protection proposals to establish a code of conduct for companies using RFID technology. The guidelines will be open to public comment and debate through late April. They will stop short of becoming part of actual legislation, instead offering direction to members of the European Union for developing privacy protections.

The European Union is feigning meaningful interest in the advancement of RFID technology. The public comments and concerns will only be used in an advisory capacity, and as a result, without legal effect. The EU is a testing ground for the massive implementation of this technology for individual tracking on a global scale.

The goal of the Globalists is to monitor your every movement, compile extensive files on your purchasing habits, and to erode any expectation of privacy that you may once have harbored. Their aim is to destroy the notion of individuality and personal freedom, thereby consigning humans to the control and direction of their collectivist handlers.

What can you do to thwart the Globalist’s agenda to violate your fundamental human rights?

  • Keep passports in a remote location (i.e., bank safe deposit box)
  • Provide false information on store loyalty cards
  • Closely scrutinize medical form waivers that may include RFID provisions
  • Reject attempts by veterinarians to place RFID chips in your animals
  • Do not check books or publications out of libraries
  • Avoid manufacturers or clothiers who employ this technology
  • Keep yourself informed

Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen ~ Zbigniew Brzeziński (Former U.S. National Security Advisor and foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama)

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The Kassandra Project

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  1. Savant

    This is one subject that I have no idea where one can find the true facts.
    I know for a certainty that in the United States, Federal Law Enforcement has been covertly microchipping individuals for over thirty years, this is a fact.
    This is used to track a suspect and not entrap them, but to manufacture a crime that this person can be convicted of.
    My definition of manufacturing crime is way beyond entrapment, but it is all done covertly and wrong doing on the part of the police is impossible to prove unless they confess.
    Adolf Hitler would have loved todays US Law enforcement tactics.

  2. Keith Richard Radford Jr

    I was chipped as a child and that one was forced out about fifty years ago in a fall. It was saved for me available upon request though that one, I have not seen or held for about 5 decades is in safe hiding has my blood in it so it can be tied to me so I was told at dinner just above the Maison Dixon line some years past,but the one in my hand is now causing me pain. It’s not a worthwhile endeavor, kind of like having a seven eleven shoved up your butt, you always know where it is but do you really need that kind of convenience for a lemon swirl, pixistix and a slurpee? The actual punishment that Judges have to endure reading the list of charges for cyber what, when some kid takes a picture and sends it to grandma and people are getting life? No way! Investigate this and I hope you do and thank you for reading.

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