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In these days we have a good debate with one of our readers: Sue Ann. We want to share we spent both and a video in response of the last comment.

  1. Sue Ann Edwards

    Knock, knock…(knocking ever so gently & softly)…


    {{cordieb}} showed me the way ‘here’.

    but I really don’t know if I will be welcome.

    I mean no offense…but I sometimes flub up when it comes to my communications. You see, I’ve already got Unity Awareness inside my head and can’t get rid of it. And it makes it ever so challenging when it comes to communicating with others who are still limited to experiences of duality and polarity.

    I’ve already made the shift the majority of us on our planet are heading through. One of the few things I’d share right now, is to say that the chaos perceived in our world quite accurately mirrors the chaos inside most of our heads. I would also add that Humanity as a Whole and the ‘Illuminati’ in particular, are too DUMB for any such things as “conspiracies”.

  2. Kassandra

    “One of the few things I’d share right now, is to say that the chaos perceived in our world quite accurately mirrors the chaos inside most of our heads.”

    I quote you and I agree with you.

    2) You haven’t to think about “Illuminati” or conspiracies in the common sense: it’s the reality that there are few people who leads international banks that can influence economical and political situation of entire countries and society. These “illuminati” people are responsible of a lot of crimes and violation of human and civil rights in USA, UK, south America, Asia and so on.

  3. Sue Ann Edwards

    Again, I repeat, there are NO victims in our World. Since the majority of our planetary population has been radiating “self denial” and retarded in areas of self worth and self esteem due to beliefs in conditional love, the monetary system is an accurate creation of this self depreciation.

    It is an accurate reflection of how much we all Love ourselves, which isn’t much. For to Love is to Value and that’s all any monetary system is anyway.

    There is a separation in your thinking patterns and this separation is being caused by a desire to separate experience from those of us having them, as if we were “victims” of something. This is a DENIAL of creative responsibility.

    As for “common sense” there isn’t too much of that going around. It’s one of the prerequisites for duality and polarity thinking patterns.

    I’m speaking from the perspective of actually *knowing* how conscious creation operates and AGAIN, I say to you, neither the Whole of Humanity or the “Illuminati” are smart enough for anything such as “conspiracies”. For they don’t even know how the quantum field works. ROFL

    But when we don’t choose to be responsible for our own insecurity issues, it sure does make a good excuse for both our lack of accountability and responsibility, as far as the ideas in heads and the way those ideas are associated, PLUS the resultant emotional states those ideas cause.

    Grinning like a Cheshire cat….”Security” is an EMOTIONAL state. It is a PSYCHOLOGICAL issue.

    And what this shift is all about, is NO longer feeding emotional and energetic vampires – those of us who do not claim responsibility for the peptide production of our own hypothalumus’ and “blame” the way and what we feel, on conditions outside of us….emotional dependents in other words.

    My feelings are mine and yours are yours, just like everybody else’s are everybody else’s. Our issues are rooted in lacks in emotional coping skills.

  4. Kassandra

    The real trouble is that people need a leader whose isn’t able to choose. We don’t love ourselves, it’s true. And in this critical times people who don’t love us but only theirselves got the power, even behind the curtain.
    My point of view is not violence in the streets or drugs in the school, but are the economical plans, the geopolitical maps behind the international scenes who leads us towards war, poverty, human rights violation, slavery.
    I suggest you to read something about what CIA did in the ‘70-’90 in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay with the tips of Milton Friedman and School of Chicago. These are not conspiracies: these are TRUTH, HISTORY.
    Read something about the interests of Carlyle group in Iraq war or of Halliburton in Afghanistan, read about why Medvedev in Russia is now the premier but Putin controls the Cremlin because they are the same people who control Kremlin Corporation.
    I don’t think about conspiracies as hidden things: these are thing really true under our eyes, we can see them if we are able to do this.
    This isn’t a joke, this is the critical situation we created by give power to these people without a revolution when they violated our trust.
    Conspiracies are not movies, are not pictures: Bush’s administration is a conspiracy, Putin’s too, Blair’s too, FMI’s too, Coke’s too, Halliburton’s too, Berlusconi’s too. They are killers.
    We aren’t victims… ok, maybe you’re right: we are suicides. But they sold us the gun we are using to shoot.

    Peace my Sue Ann, God bless you.

  5. Sue Ann Edwards

    You assume I am coming from a perspective of ignorance. I assure you, this is not so.

    If we sow “not loving” in our heads and hearts, then “not loving” is what we create for ourselves in experience.

    I also add that “fear of death” is NOT the same as Love for Life. fear of death is a judgment, assuming “death” to be a “bad” experience. This is the perspective when we have our Identity confused with our dust.

    Always embraces ALL ways, those judged as “bad” just as much as those judged as “good”. Whether happy or sad, every moment is a Present, a gift. And a lot of us don’t so much as Love life, genuinely, as much as have a bunch of judgments about experiences in it.

    ALL that Is, Was, and Will EVER BE, includes BOTH the positive AND negative experiences in Life. And while delusion has been rampant, dis-information as you say, one of the MOST deluded ideas is that of “victimization”.

    And excuse for me being so direct as to say, that while we are perceiving as you are, seeing parts in conflict instead of moving together in cooperation, then you are not at Peace and are adding to the world conflict as your individual and personal radiance.

    I respect your Liberty to do so. And *know* that with that Liberty comes responsibility for costs and consequences of your decision. If we radiate we are conflicted, then conflict is what we attract into our lives to experience.

    Have you asked yourself what emotion you are addicted to?


  6. Kassandra

    Oh my friend, you write about cooperation. Yes, I think it’s the only thing that could save us. I feel the cage They build around us, a cage for our brain, a jail’d be better.
    Did you see what’s happening in Tibet? A free and pacific cooperation transformed in a massacre, and our political leaders don’t say STOP because they know that economy depends on China.
    So: yes, I buried my peace. My work here is to report what I see and what I think. My target is to reach people like you who thinks that there is no plan behind this kind of slavery and people who thinks that with pacific cooperation the bad things could change.
    But how can a man who doesn’t know the situation try to change something?
    Here I don’t say you “do this” but “read this, I think this, and you?”. The title of the blog contains “but it could be possible a better world?”.
    I hope so. But I want to give information about this. Maybe I’m wasting my time, but I DO SOMETHING here and in the REAL WORLD, where I fight.
    But human beings are suicides: there were a lot of good things to live, now there are a few. I’d want to preserve them for my children and give them a better place, if it could be possible.


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  1. Wow. You two had quite a conversation going. I’m not sure if it is over; and truthfully, I hope the communication continues. Issues of conspiracy, inhumanity, racisim, greed, and the likes could certainly be eradicated if all people thought the way either of you think. However, in todays world, only a small fraction of the population think or even have an inkling of a thought process of yours or Sue Anne; and if we passively allow the greed and hatred of the few but powerful to continue as they do, the mass population may never have the opportunity to explore reality or even begin to unlearn the perceptions we have been fed over thousands of years. Pain exists-suffering might be optional; however, if some of us are exposed to pain over and over again due the greed of a few, how will be able to take a deep breath and exhale long enough to even realize the pain is over. As soon as one sore heals, some of us receive another stab, sometimes in the same spot. No one should be expected to embrace pain–I certainly would prefer to embrace death than prolonged pain. Babies don’t ask to be hit by drunk drivers, not always dying, but sometimes living in a world where their creation is certainly limited–We have to protect the babies. In as much,the strong willed must be a voice for those who can not speak due to fear, lack of willpower, poor choices, or whatever. I wish the whole world did think like Sue Anne–if so, there would be no issue here. But sadly, the world is no where near close to this type of thinking, and I don’t plan to sat passively while my children are poisoned mentally and physically waiting for the world to finally evolve. While the world is evolving, people are suffering, although only in their minds. Really?
    Peace, Light and Love

  2. Great great great words CordieB., Thank you very much.

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