Baby, She’s Just Jealous

The Kassandra Project

These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world… and then we fucked up the endgame.

~Charlie Wilson

Have you ever wondered why other countries hate us? I mean really wondered? What is it about America that makes us simultaneously hated and envied? How often are you treated by an Indian or Pakistani physician? If you live in an urban area how many Arab or Iranian corner stores do you pass on your way to work or school. I pass 4. Yet, these very countries will chide us for being greedy and immoral. They even go as far as to blow up buildings with thousands of us inside, quietly working for our capitalistic pleasures.

I have often wondered about that. I knew in my gut that much of it had to do with our inability to be honest. As a nation we are worst than a billionaire with ADHD. We play and screw our way around the world with minimal consequences, leaving behind disgruntled, often times sodomized, nations in our room serviced wake. We are the boy your mother warned you about.

Case in point, the Afghani war with Russia; I was a Junior in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and it was the final nail in the coffin of the cold war. I remember celebrating with the rest of the students in my school. We were happy this event came in our lifetime. It was a historical first. How could the end of Russian communism be bad? I distinctly recall my mother saying that Russians never stood a chance against Muslims who felt they were waging a holy war. The Russians literally bankrupted their country fighting the Afghan war. This financial crumble led to the end of cold war.

Sound familiar? It sounded so familiar to me that I began to wonder if the Russians weren’t giving us a little fair exchange. Putin has made no bones about wanting Russia to return to its “glorious” past and not being too fond of us. Folks, don’t get it twisted. No matter who is “elected” in Russia, Putin is the the real HNIC (or in his case HCIC).

The common line in my house was “how do you win a war against people who fight with the willingness to give their lives as the ultimate sacrifice to God by taking you with them.” Well, there is a lot to be said for mother wit. I wish Bush had listened to my mother instead of his father, but I digress.

How many of us, so jubilantly celebrating the Russian defeat and the subsequent fall of the Soviet Union, could have known the true extent of the American involvement. Those of us who are not in the seat of power just thought those Afghani’s were not to be messed with, and to a certain extent, that was true. I mean, until we really put our money behind them they had to be either crazy as hell or real bad assed mofos. They were fighting tanks and helicopters with rifles and rocks. Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Anyhow, after watching Charlie Wilson’s war I realized the true extent of our hand in this “covert” operation. Congress funneled over a billion dollars over several years through Middle Eastern nations to get the Afghani people arms and supplies to kick Russia’s ass for us. You have to admit there is something distinctly American about throwing the rock then hiding your hands. Our government has the ability to do just that, because we as a people are eager to remain blissfully ignorant about how these things work. In America the end justifies the means—every time.

So, where am I going with this? I am not saying anything most folks who read don’t know. My point is this. America is the playboy billionaire boys club. We fuck you every which way but loose. We play emotional mind games. You are sexy, so we rescue you from your drunken abusive boyfriend. That way you want to bend to our lusty will. The problem is, we didn’t want a relationship. So once we get what we want, we leave you bloodied, bruised, and broken from your ex — and knocked up by us. Occasionally we send a little child support, but your baby is the bastard child we refuse to claim. Then we look innocent and want cry foul when you slash our tires and pour sugar in our proverbial tanks. After all didn’t we save you from that asshole that was whupping your ass? How about a little gratitude?

This is the environment that breeds terrorists. We know this. So what does our government do? They keep all this crap secret so they can then play the cheating spouse who says “Baby, I don’t know why she is acting so crazy. She’s just jealous and wants what you have… but I’ll fix it” Next thing we know we are bombing a completely unrelated country for reasons we won’t know about until 30 years from now when someone makes a movie.

I understand the nature of the world in which we live. We are constantly involved in a certain level of tribal warfare. Our borders, our citizens, our finances, our very well being all need to be protected. No matter where you live that is the job of the government. To make sure this status quo maintains consistent. Sometimes this requires being proactive, but you should never be surprised by hatred and anti-American sentiment, when you leave a group of people suffering in the wake of doing your dirty work. Eventually it always comes back to bite you in the ass. Ask any cheating husband. The wife always finds out and eventually the mistress makes sure you paid a price for screwing her over. Some things are just simple truths.

No matter the nobility of the intentions you got to make sure you leave the situation better off than you found it. And if you can’t do that you should keep your damn hands to yourself. Like Barack said, we all know Bush drove the bus in the ditch. Now is not the time to argue that. It is a fact. Now we have to have a good plan to fix the bus and get it out.

This is why, even though I want our troops out of Iraq yesterday; I recognize that we have to provide real/viable support and solutions for years to come. This means there will be a military base. Everyone is not coming home, no matter who gets elected. We will be sending them a shit load of money. We may as well get ready to claim them on our taxes because we will be paying child support until they graduate and they just started daycare. If we walk out of Iraq the way we disappeared on the Afghanis we will never be able to carry bottled water and toothpaste on a flight again, and our buildings will be exploding left and right. See what that damn frat boy really did? I’m really pissed at everyone who voted for his stupid ass. Hopefully our next president will remember not to fuck up the end game.

Thanks, Through My Eyes, for contributing this article.

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  1. “They even go as far as to blow up buildings with thousands of us inside, quietly working for our capitalistic pleasures.”

    Do they now? A bit of investigation on the matter might yield a different conclusion.

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