Obsession: Mailbox “War of Terror” Propaganda

Author: Johnnypeepers

It is not often that I receive a free DVD in the mail. When it happens, the sending party is desperately seeking to either reinforce, or change my view, on a particular issue. My interest was instantly peaked when I opened my mailbox and found a DVD copy of the anti-Muslim terror-porn flick Obsession.

The movie is a demagogic portrayal of a fringe element of the Islamic world heavily slanted to represent a majority anti-Western viewpoint. Having studied the supposed radical Islamic threat to Western civilization over the past several years, I was aware of the this piece of mythomaniacal propaganda. I wondered who might be behind this operation.

The DVD was mailed to 28 million U.S. households in swing election states by a 501(c)(3) organization named the Clarion Fund. The board of directors and the donors to this organization are a mystery, as the Clarion Fund refused to disclose the names of these individuals. An article (now removed) linked to the group’s website www.radicalislam.org, backed John McCain for president. Copies of the film were handed out at the Republican National Convention.

The packaging indicated that the DVD was produced by a fellow named Raphael Shore (an Israeli-Canadian rabbi and director of both Aish HaTorah International and the Hasbara Fellowships, a pro-Israel advocacy group). Rabbi Shore told the New York Times that his early showings of “Obsession” targeted “evangelical Christians”. Fundamentalist Christians are the useful idiots in the “War of Terror” brainwash campaign designed to improve the odds of a McCain presidency.

There seems to be a mystery surrounding who bankrolled this massive DVD propaganda campaign. Clarion Fund Communications Director Gregory Ross declined to say how much Clarion was spending on distributing the DVD, beyond a vague “millions of dollars.” Ross said that “for the privacy of everyone involved, we try to limit” information. Secrecy is usually necessary when propaganda peddlers want to keep their tracks hidden.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:

Shore and director Wayne Kopping of South Africa are the only figures associated with the film willing to release their real names and appear in media interviews; the executive producer is listed as Peter Mier, while the production manager is listed as Brett Halperin. But Mier and Halperin are just aliases, Shore says. He describes the real Mier as a Canadian Jewish businessman who wanted to do something significant, but asked to remain anonymous for fear of his safety. According to Shore, about 80 percent of the film’s $400,000 budget was provided by Mier.

Why all the aliases and secrecy I wonder. Maybe it has something to do with that pesky federal U.S. 501(c)(3) law prohibiting foreign political institutions or foreign organizations from contributing to the Clarion Fund’s operations. Given that both the producer and the director are foreigners (with an anti-Muslim agenda), and the financial backers are anonymous, it all looks very suspicious.

The release of the film coincided with the 7th anniversary of the 9-11 mega ritual, and was on the eve of a presidential election. Who else might be behind this psy-op operation designed to influence American public opinion? Israelenews.com reported that:

The Republican Jewish Coalition is responsible for a mailing received by Reform rabbis and other Jews that included a DVD of the controversial anti-Muslim film Obsession. At least part of the mailing was sent under the postal permit of Christians United for Israel, a leading Christian Zionist organization.

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) was founded by none other than everyone’s favorite nutjob – McCain supporting pastor, John “Hitler was a hunter sent by God to chase the Jews out of Europe” Hagee. Strange bedfellows one would assume, that is until you dig a little deeper into the relationship between the Zionists, the Bush administration Neocons, and the Christian fundamentalists.

The Neocons, and their well healed “Clash of Civilization/Islamacists vs. West” narrative collaborators, have a large-scale propaganda fight to win. If enough of the U.S. electorate starts to connect enough dots, and uncovers their crafty machinations, the jig is up. Great nations must have a powerful and ominous enemy to solidify national cohesion, and to guarantee a profitable military-industrial complex. Without a segment of the global population to hate, how can you justify a half-trillion dollar defense budget?

If the threat does not exist, it must be created. We can thank Zbigniew Brzezinski (Barack Obama’s foreign policy adviser), in part, for manufacturing our current bogeyman (Al Qaeda) with Operation Cyclone. In Afghanistan, The U.S. government “spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings. The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system’s core curriculum (source: The Washington Post). In other words, your tax dollars were spent on radicalizing youth in a foreign country to create a threat to the Western world.

The Republicans, desperate to ensure a 2008 presidential election victory, have enlisted this newly minted secretive 501(c)(3) to provoke anti-Muslim fervor. The aim is to perpetuate fear in the hearts of Americans regarding the Islamic West-hating menace in order to get out the angry “War of Terror” anti-Muslim bigot vote. An underhanded and nefarious tactic to be sure, but would you expect anything less from the war party and John McCain?

Terrorism is in good part an effect of government propaganda; it serves to deflect attention from governmental abuse towards a mostly imagined, highly dangerous outside enemy ~ Mark Poster

  1. dummidumbwit

    I find that like an old AOL CD it might make a good coaster? Good Post Johnny!!! But I didn’t get one?

  2. jhimmi

    It’s piqued, as in “my interest was piqued”. Not peaked.

    Anyway, having studied the ‘supposed radical Islamist threat’, what was your conclusion? That no such threat exists?

    “The movie is a demagogic portrayal of a fringe element of the Islamic world heavily slanted to represent a majority anti-Western viewpoint”….?
    Does this mean you believe the majority of Muslims have a pro-Western viewpoint?

    The existence of sinister Jewish or other non-Muslim entities or people does not somehow preclude the existence of the same in a Muslim flavor.

    While you’re busy looking for Jewish conspiracy theories, and fearing a Hagee-led theocracy, Sharia law has been implemented in the UK. For now it is only for civil family matters, but it is the thin edge of a wedge. A not so tiny minority of UK Muslims look forward to the day that Islamic Sharia completely replaces British Law. A not so tiny minority of Muslims worldwide will riot and kill at anything they consider insulting to their faith, from cartoons of Mohammed, to homosexuality, to the Ahmadi sect of Islam.

    Islamic ‘separatists’ in the Phillipines, the UK, Thailand, Kashmir, and China all have something in common. They want to replace their government with an Islamic one, and their law with Sharia.

    I ran into a Somalian student at the University of Maine recently who was respected and well-liked by other students as well as faculty, who told me the US was discriminating against him and his religion because he could not live under Sharia law in the US.

  3. I’ve been researching blogger reactions of Obsession and this is one of the best written. Thanks… I linked to it on the entry: http://insideislam.wisc.edu/index.php/archives/109


    When i watched Obesession i did not know waht to think but it is true most of the muslims whant to take over democrocy and end all religions but i got news for them UNITED WE STAND AND DEVIDED THEY FALL. they are determend but dont beleive that the U.S did somthing wrong, their way of life is jihad and they were brought up in a kill americans word, and led to beleive that blowing themselves up is a way to honor theier fallen brothers but guess what it just means we got one less radical to deal with, and alot of muslums are decent they want to help but they are frightend of the terrorists i say dont be all the radicals are are cowards!



  6. Bruce

    No surprise a bunch of Zionist Bankster Jews are behind this smear campaign. Too bad for them it didn’t work, and Obama won the 2008 election. And he’s finally bringing Israel to account for their illegal settlements in Jerusalem. What can I say? The Jews asked for it!

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