The Kassandra Project

Source: Beppe Grillo’s Blog

Everyone is worried about what will happen. The banks no longer trust the banks. They don’t lend money to each other any more. The poison introduced into the world financial system by the toxic made-in-USA products is producing its effects.
No one in the world can say how much is the quantity of the American poison and where it can be found. The SEC, the FED, the Bush government, the Secretary of the Treasury, Paulson where have they been in the last few years? While their nation was the bastion of liberty, it was exporting cannons and CDO and subprimes, and financial products based on unrecoverable debts. They knew, these bastards that they were unrecoverable.
Shit introduced into funds and derivatives that will produce tens of millions of unemployed, of homeless, of desperate savers. The American public debt is the highest on the planet, the United States consumes a third of the resources of the Earth, but there are only 300 million of them out of 6.7 billion. To stay on their feet they have to control the world economy with finance and with weapons. The United States spends 500 billion dollars EVERY YEAR for weapons, for the hundreds of military bases spread out over the world, from Japan to Cuba to Vicenza. The second nation for military spending is Great Britain with 59 billion dollars, almost a tenth, and Putin’s Russia follows with 35.

Plan B 3.0, Lester Brown

The world is paying for the value of the dollar, the 500 billion dollars for weapons. The United States faced with this financial disaster should do like the defeated Nazi Germany obliged to pay the debts of war and to pay a PEACE dividend to the nations that it brought to their knees.
Between Saddam and Bush, who has done more damage? More dead? The former was executed by the latter who meanwhile also executed the world economy. By whom was Bush elected? By American finance, by the National Rifle Association, the organisation that promotes the arms industry, by the oil barons. In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell, in October 2008, the Wall Street Wall fell together with the delirium of globalization governed by those who gained from it The USSR no longer exists. The United States, for now still exists and they are explaining to us the economy, finance and freedom. They are dealing with protecting us, they make our banks collapse, our Stock Exchanges. Yankees Go Home , with your arms, your atomic weapons, your creative finance.
I don’t believe that the banks will go bust, but this is not the real danger. In a few months, the collapse of finance will be transferred to the real economy, to production. In the spring no one will be thinking about shares or bank accounts but of jobs, and of getting to the end of the month.

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The Kassandra Project

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  1. The nazis were never defeated; they just had to move.

  2. österr

    raivo pommer-Eesti,
    Österreich Erste Bank

    von Raivo

    In der Nacht zum Freitag ist die börsenotierte Erste Group mit der Republik Österreich zur Staatshilfe handelseins geworden. Demnach wird die Bank im April insgesamt 2,7 Mrd. Euro Kernkapital aufnehmen. Bis zu 1,89 Mrd. Euro werden davon vom Staat kommen, voraussichtlich über Partizipationskapital (PS), für das 8 Prozent Zinsen im Jahr bezahlt werden. 30 Prozent der Gesamtsumme will die Erste Group privat aufbringen, entweder über PS-Kapital oder über eine Hybridanleihe. Dividendenbeschränkungen gibt es nicht.

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