Obama or the new world order?

The Kassandra Project


I’m happy for Obama. He looks quite good and he seems to be a great US president. But I want to spend two words about a little tale.

Let us suppose that the Shock-doctrine revealed by Naomi Klein and invented by Milton Friedman (Chicago) is not a fantasy.

In the last 8 years George W. Bush and his “boys” exported Friedman’s theories over the world with wars, disinformation and so on. US citizen began to mistrust Bush.

Bush obtained almost all americans’ trust after 9/11 and he caused two bloody wars for his own (and his boys) own interests. This SHOCKED America.

USA requires a new figure, a new president, a new government. Can we consider a simple coincidence that after the “fear” a new candidate has been presented with the following features:

  • Afroamerican (the main hope of the american population)
  • Simple, elegant, young (clever) (at variance with the precedent president)
  • Hilary Clinton’s ally? (Hilary was a great friend of corporations some time ago… as well as Bush)

He obtained votes from hispanics, afroamericans, women: a triumph. The whole America elected Obama. Regards.

But Obama comes from Chicago, Friedman’s school and that one of “Chicago boys” who led Pinochet’s Chile, Russia, Poland, South Africa, Bolivia, and so on.

Now the new government will come almost throughout Chicago’s school. Is it a coincidence? After the shock caused by Bush, all the Americans are for Obama, the new figure, the new president, the hope, the future…

His only election opponent was a figure (McCain) “copy” of Bush. McCain HAD TO LOSE. Is it a coincidence?

This election is too perfect to be real.

I wish to be wrong, I wish Obama will be the future, a nice future, for peace, for equilibrium. But I want to wait one year, maybe two, and to observe his politics.

America has taught us that NOTHING IS A COINCIDENCE. There are too many coincidences now, I can see them clearly. This could be the real turning for the whole world but with two possibilities: salvation from economical egemony for a new equilibrium based on civil rights, human rights, peace; or damnation for the exact opposites in favor of the new world order.

What do you think about?

  1. You are not that far off.

    You ask the good questions.

    Maybe this article that I authored would answer some of your questions “Obama: America’s “Second Chance” or is it its last?” found at


    If you have any questions about the article or the linked articles within, please email me at maher@mydemocracy.net

  2. I think that you are right. Everything is too perfect, too impossible, too bizarre. Even the current stock market turmoil makes no sense, unless powerful forces are playing with it. The average investor would not sell all of his holdings and cause the market to crash repeatedly.

    I even realized last night that probably Obama was chosen because he is black. If there is going to be an elite class and a slave class, how convenient. It is much easier to identify blacks as slaves, especially from a distance. And of course, there will be no middle class. Just elite and slave.

  3. Yes. You clearly understand what I wrote. Time will show us the truth my friend.

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