Italy 2009: the shock politics

The Kassandra Project

I’m sorry for my long absence, but I’m following Italy’s situation. It’s quite critical my friends. For some of you who miss our previous posts about Italy, there is a list of link to follow:

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Critical political condition in Italy

In the last two years Italy changed his face. Italy is no more a happy land filled of happy people. People lost the work, the money and often lost somebody in accidents at work.

Italian citizens are demonstrating in the street their opinion, peacefully. PEACEFULLY. But no media is reporting this information.

Every week, there are new demonstrations. Workers, farmers, students: italians are on the street. But what they receive? I don’t want to give you the answer, it should be too easy; I’d just want to show you the TRUTH, as it is not shown by italian media.

Italy is under dictatorship. Police and army are required to keep this regime: they beat women, young students, workers, old farmers, they beat EVERYONE the government wants to beat in order to keep his power. Media are controlled by the government. Economy is controlled by government. They have no work (or they just know that they’ll lose it soon), the have  no hopes to change their life. THEY NEED TO FIGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM.



The Kassandra Project

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