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This question is old as the civilized world. Many have dealt with this problem. But did you ever think about it?
We try to understand the depth of the problem with a current example.

We live in a period where the threat of terrorism is a reality. Suppose that the state or heads of state of all governments decide to solve the problem by tracking every place every moment, having access to personal data to anyone with the aim of preventing terrorist attacks. Sounds good, isn’t it? Security, serenity.

But there is a side effect: the monitor of ALL data means that YOU have to be monitored. What does it mean? Farewell privacy.
Whatever used to communicate can be monitored and your communications intercepted and recorded, your movements followed step by step.

The terrible aspect of this global control is the possible abuse of this power. Whoever controls this system interception can exploit to its advantage the information and can act accordingly on things to get the most convenient.
They can use this information to blackmail, extortion or can do so that information doesn’t arrive to the recipient, which may be a media as the BBC or CNN, hiding news that the world has the right to know, repressing freedom of thought and expression mentioned as essential right of every human being from the American declaration of independence, the declaration of the rights of man and citizen or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Don’t you think that it could be possible? I invite you to read my future posts for global control to change your mind.
The issue of national security is of paramount importance and for this reason they decided not to trust us but to impose to us to trust them.

But confidence is based on reciprocity, with the power of global control in the hands of a few men called “controllers”, the question is: who will monitor controllers?

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