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It’s quite incredible that there are people dying in the world and nobody makes something, nobody says something. The great authorities in the world like US president, the pope, Russia president, ONU, are looking minorities which are disappearing.

Catholics say nothing because they want to build a good friendship with China and they are too busy to try to handle political elections in Italy.

USA and Russia have nothing to fight for: no oil, no gas, no gold, so these aren’t their war. But in the world there are minorities like tibetans in China, Chechens in the North Caucasus region, kosovars in the Balkans which are disappearing under tortures, bombs, in silence. We want to dedicate some words to this people.

United nations is a fake: like in Iraq, if they wanted to stop the violence they would have done it; it’s quite evident that they don’t care of ALL people in the world. The next minority could be your people.

03/18/2008 14:27

Source: AsiaNews

Rome (AsiaNews) – Although denied by Beijing, the violent repression of the demonstrators and Tibetan monks is illustrated by a series of particularly violent photos, sent to the West by Tibetan dissidents. These are particularly harsh images, sent from the monastery of Kirti to the Free Tibet Campaign.

The photos were taken last March 16, in the autonomous Tibetan province of Amdo, which currently is part of the northern Chinese province of Sichuan. According to the Free Tibet Campaign, the massacre began after the religious of the monastery of Kirti chanted slogans in favour of “free Tibet” and the Dalai Lama. The monks were joined by 400 Buddhist nuns and the students of the local Tibetan middle school.


The Chinese police, which had been watching the monastery since the beginning of the protests (last March 10), opened fire on the crowd. According to information from the Tibetan government in exile, about 20,000 Tibetans of Sichuan have protested in solidarity with the Tibetan monks. Of the 20 certified victims of the repression, 9 have been identified: among these are young men of 15 and 17 years old.

Kosovo riots ‘were orchestrated’

Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 19:08 GMT

Source: BBC

Ihor Kinal, 25, was fatally wounded on Monday by shrapnel from a hand grenade.

Deputy head of mission Larry Rossin told reporters that some of the comments from Serbia’s Kosovo minister in Mitrovica were “objectionable”.

He also said: “It is clear to us that the violence… was orchestrated. We believe we know who was responsible”.

The trouble broke out when UN police wrested control of a courthouse in the divided town from Kosovo Serbs who had seized it days earlier.

More than 130 people were hurt in the trouble that followed, both protesters and international forces.

Rocks, hand grenades and petrol bombs were hurled at UN officers and Nato troops fired back.

Nato’s K-For force maintains it fired only in the air.

The UN official said he had asked Serbian minister Slobodan Samardzic to use his influence so that the international forces would not have to remove the protesters by force.

But, he said, nothing had happened.

“We’ve never had what we would consider a clear and unambiguous denunciation of this kind of violence from the ministers,” he said.

There have been regular protests in Mitrovica since Kosovo declared independence from Serbia last month but Monday’s trouble was the worst so far.

Police commissioner Larry Wilson told a news conference that, because of the gunfire that erupted after the UN moved in, emergency services had been unable to reach the Ukrainian officer and he had bled to death.

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci told reporters in Pristina: “We are very sad. The Kosovo institutions and government send condolences to the family and to his country.”

Although tensions were high in Mitrovica on Tuesday, Nato peacekeepers were in control of the main flashpoints in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the previous day’s violence.

French soldiers fired a stun grenade when Serbs began throwing stones. The protesters were described as high-school students.

Bridges over the Ibar river that divides the Serb north from the ethnic Albanian south were closed.

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