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The Kassandra Project


Ross Anderson and the no1984 association, were some of the first who talked about the trusted computing and its implications:

Multinational companies are aggregating in a single corporation to make the world of computing market. Their policy will entail the disappearance of small software companies that can not pay the licensing imposed by the consortium, and the disappearance of independent programmers for a similar reason, the disappearance of free software: the licensing system does not allow open source programmers to progress if not for a small minority. Although this system has been designed by men to control other people by the use of machines, it is still subject to sabotage, but will still heavier class division between those who make a household use of PCs and those who know how to go further.

Disclosure of information will be limited accordingly: those who find ways to overcome barriers of the consortium, held the secrets for themself, and a whole new generation of thirst for knowledge won’t find the main source for it, the network as we know it.
Since permitted operations HAVE BEEN choiced by manufacturers of hardware and software, it is so denied the social and individual freedom. The possibility that remotely, or outside, your PC can be monitored by multinational companies for the sole purpose of obtaining information relevant to their market and the freedom that they have to disable their products on every single machine, make them able to control us.
By joining the Palladium system or as it’ll be called in future… everyone will sign with his name and surname his consent to CONTROL and MONITORING by the consortium, which will become an unstoppable power, which only a small number of people will fight against.

The current control policy for the prevention of exchange of information on likely terrorist attacks made such corporations able to look freely among our documents without our consent.
The policy of global monitoring of all electronic equipment, makes every day 5 countries in the world able to know in near real time what each of us is doing. Echelon, the global surveillance system designed by the UKUSA network and kept standing by the secret services of member countries and the American National Security Agency, records what we say over the phone, the number of our credit card, where we are, what enter and exit from our cell, what enters and exits from our PCs. And Echelon is unfortunately a reality that was well known to the European Union thanks to STOA report, which I invite you to read as found in the network or in our future post.

Who among you think that this is just a joke or a paranoia of conspiracy, and that we are talking about scenes from movies, should think again soon: the impact of social and economic monitoring policy and global control have heavy repercussions.

The mere fact that such information network will be available only on authorized sites by the consortium, select kind of information from other! Control the information is the purpose of monitoring: giving to the individual what he wants or what he thinks to want, by controlling him 24 hours on 24 from his cell, his PC, which sends e-mail or receiving. As Ross Anderson wisely noted, the train has already started: now it is up to us not to allow it reaches its destination.

Who of you think that this isn’t a start, here is a list of those who, at December 2007, are regularly enrolled in the consortium that will control the global marketplace, making scenarios from movies such as’ Resident Evil ‘, ‘Enemy of the state’ or ‘Johnny Menmonic’:


* Hewlett-Packard
* Infineon
* Intel Corporation
* Lenovo Holdings Limited
* Microsoft
* Sun Microsystems, Inc.


* American Megatrends, Inc.
* Aruba Networks
* Atmel
* AuthenTec, Inc.
* Broadcom Corporation
* Certicom Corp.
* Citrix Systems, Inc
* Decru
* Dell, Inc.
* DPHI, Inc.
* Emulex Design and Manufacturing
* Ericsson Mobile Platforms AB
* Extreme Networks
* France Telecom Group
* Freescale Semiconductor
* Fujitsu Limited
* Fujitsu Siemens Computers
* Gemalto NV
* General Dynamics C4 Systems
* Giesecke & Devrient
* Green Hills Software, Inc.
* HID Global
* Hitachi, Ltd.
* Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
* Identity Engines
* Infoblox
* Insyde Software Corp.
* InterDigital Communications, LLC
* ITE Tech Inc.
* Juniper Networks, Inc.
* Lancope, Inc.
* Lexar Media, Inc.
* Lexmark International
* Lockheed Martin
* LSI Logic
* Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
* Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd (Panasonic)
* McAfee, Inc.
* Mirage Networks
* Motorola Inc.
* Neoscale Systems
* Nokia
* Nokia Siemens Networks GmbH & Co. KG
* Nortel
* NTRU Cryptosystems, Inc.
* NXP Semiconductors
* Oxford Semiconductor
* Phoenix
* PMC-Sierra
* Renesas Technology Corp.
* Ricoh Company LTD
* RSA, The Security Division of EMC
* Samsung Electronics Co.
* SanDisk Corporation
* Seagate Technology
* SECUDE IT Security GmbH
* Sharp Electronics Corporation
* Sony Corporation
* Spansion LLC
* StepNexus, Inc
* StillSecure
* STMicroelectronics
* Symantec
* Symbian Ltd
* Toshiba Corporation
* Trapeze Networks, Inc.
* Unisys
* UPEK, Inc.
* Utimaco Safeware AG
* VeriSign, Inc.
* VMware, Inc.
* Vodafone Group Services LTD
* Wave Systems
* Western Digital
* Winbond Electronics Corporation


* Apani Networks
* Avenda Systems
* Bioscrypt Inc.
* Bit9, Inc.
* BlueCat Networks
* BlueRidge Networks
* BlueRISC, Inc.
* Bradford Networks
* Colubris Networks
* ConSentry Networks
* CPR Tools, Inc.
* Cranite Systems
* Credant Technologies
* Cryptomathic Ltd.
* CryptoMill Technologies
* Dartmouth College
* Enterasys Networks
* Feature Integration Technology, Inc.
* FireScope Inc.
* ForeScout Technologies
* Fortinet Inc.
* Hangzhou Synochip Technology Co., Ltd.
* High Density Devices
* ICT Economic Impact, Ltd.
* Insight International Corp
* IntellaSys
* Link-A-Media Devices
* Mazu Networks
* O2 Micro
* PatchLink Corporation
* Q1 Labs
* SafeBoot
* Safend LTD.
* Shavlik Technologies, LLC
* SignaCert, Inc.
* SII Network Systems Inc.
* Sirrix AG Security Technologies
* SkyRecon Systems
* Softex, Inc.
* Stonewood Electronics Ltd.
* The Boeing Company
* Trust Bearer Labs
* Trust Digital
* UNETsystem
* Universal Data Protection Corporation
* Valicore Technologies, Inc.
* ViaSat, Inc.
* Vormetric Inc.

As many of you may note, the most illustrious names of the computing market, mobile telephony, appliances, are included in this official list who leads to a single large institution: the TCG consortium, driven by illustrious promoter as AMD, Hewlett-Packard , IBM, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Inc..

It is unbelievable that the enemies of the past, such as AMD and Intel, HP and IBM, Microsoft and Sun, come together to give life to this ambitious project. If rivals corporations of yesterday, today are allies to control TOGETHER the market, something big is moving, something that begun and can not be stopped. The TCG now seems as much a candidate to become a SINGLE controller. The power of technology is much bigger than any other, even for a nuclear state such as the United States, and that power will be totally in the hands of American companies.
The economic and political power that the United States will have after the realization of the Palladium project will be indescribable: as always noticed Ross Anderson, the world afraid that the PC is switched off from the outside at the mercy of the controllers’, instead of nuclear missiles.

The future is briefly described in our posts about this topic, for the insiders and not, I hope as clearly as possible. These pages are the reality of tomorrow: talk about this information if you think it’s your convenience, so that everyone knows towards he are going now. Here there is not promotion of any boycott: we promote only the awakening of computer people social conscience to fight against manipulation and global control to keep its rights and especially its FREEDOM.

Before you buy a product of the corporations listed above, ask yourself if it has been designed to be used by you or to use you: check the web to collect information about what you’re buying.

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The Kassandra Project

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