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The Kassandra Project


We defied natural selection, by which right? Who are we to decide who can survive and who does not? Who are we to exploit the nature and to pretend to judge, save or declare death sentences?
Nature has evolved in peace and serenity for billions of years and since when we came here we made changes without restraint, we will change everything even if everything isn’t ours.

We believe that the fight for life is no longer our business, as if we’d be a chosen race.

We are well able to think, we will be special for our God, but surely we are not special for the nature, for the whole universe. We are special for ourselves, and we should preserve the variety that we are able to create, the variety of what we are. We committed instead to draw more and more lines that separate us from each other in terms of class: we are in the new era of racism. Most not classify by color or origin, but on the basis of wealth. We moved a natural “fault” to an artificial one: it is the most horrible thing we could do.

We open our borders to all races and then we are the first to mark a line that divides the rich from the poor. And the system nourishes this difference, more and more, every day.

This system creates few people increasingly rich and many people increasingly poor. Tomorrow this could touch you and if would you need help? What is your choice?

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The Kassandra Project

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