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The Kassandra Project

Photo courtesy of Jason McKim and is licensed under the Creative Commons

I can be cold as the bluest, hottest ice
And hot as the bluest, fiercest fire. . .
I’m a false reflection of a conceptional misconception
Whatever your limited or infinite mind’s desire

You listen to my loud, yet gentle vibration
You believe me fully with no hesitation . . .
You see me with all colors of the beautiful rainbow
Is that really all the colors? Will you ever know?
Only if you can let me go. . .

I’m young and younger, black and blacker
Smart and wise. A genius. A true catalytic cracker
Beautiful, and most beautiful – is there really such a thing?
Breath in the melody that I most wonderfully sing!

I can be red, yellow, or indigo blue
Although I’m real in essence, I’m never the truth,
I’m at your worst, completely false;
Incomplete at your best; a simple impulse.

I can be joyfully sorrowful and sorrowfully glee, too.
But, whatever I am, I’m always completely real to you.
Do you feel me! Do you get my point!
Do you smell my noise? Can you hear my funk!
Can you see my darkness? Can you touch my light!
Can you smell my vision? Can you taste my sight!

Can you smell the painful pleasure,
Can you taste the agony of the estasy?
No matter what, I’m always YOUR reality;
I am in you and you are in me.
If you change your perspective.
I’ll change mine– as your’s reflective.

I am oh so evil, and yet so kind
The world would be nothingness if I were blind.
But, maybe not-how dare I say?
And now I lay me down to pray . . .

I pray that you free me every then and now
From your dear self, for this I vow . . .
Will free you from hypocrisies
And all the false analogies. . .
From judgements, prejudices, anger and hatred …
These no longer exist, once I am emancipated.

My negation gives you insight, free and clear
Of a far away place that is yet so near
If you could release my blessed curse and damned grace
And move beyond object, time and space
For that brief moment in that sphere
You’ll sense a unity so crystal clear
Even beyond your limited, infinite imagination
Who am I, I am simply . . .

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The Kassandra Project

We have become trapped by the hard defining edges of our attitudes, beliefs and concepts and by our linguistic definitions. By virtue of this fact, the world doesn’t yield to us directly. Rather, our consensus description of it creates a virtual reality that’s increasingly characterized by disempowering perceptions. Consequently, our species mindset experiences a negative feedback loop where we are compelled to act on our beliefs, thus manifesting them into reality. Ultimately we are burdened with a self reinforcing paradigm that compels a “something must be done” hue and cry from a citizenry ever more willing to view liberty as fair coin for security against self manufactured devils and phantoms.

Perhaps we are willing this debacle into being purposefully as a way to create urgency within our consciousness. Perhaps this urgency is what will compel us to evolve from homo sapiens into homo divinus- a self realized human. The chemist Ilya Prigogene, in his theory of open systems, showed that all systems, in an attempt to maintain equilibrium, reach a point where entropy can no longer be dispersed into its’ environment and begins to build within the structure. When critical mass is attained, the old system breaks down and reorganizes at a higher level…so it goes with our carefully constructed world-views and belief systems (Aren’t belief systems B.S.?). Ordo ab chao or “Order out of chaos” goes the old freemasonic slogan and so it is. We may well be creating a crisis designed to frustrate us into awakening from a program with rules scripted to imprison us so long as we remain asleep.

Indeed, all the madness around us may well be a good thing because it has been willed into being as a catalyst to propel us through the next level of conscious evolution. Perhaps the most pronounced aspect of this syndrome is the influence of the Illuminati crime families that, with our compliance, shepherd the current crisis into being; a crisis which manifests as the erosion of nation states, constant surveillance and micro chipping of the population. For It is the the nature of light to cast shadows and the brighter the light, the greater the shadow. The current shadows we face are a result of the transcendent light of authentic awareness doing its’ revelatory work. It is however, in the revealing that we find our salvation as we are forced to look square in the face at our own shadow nature and in so doing transcend and include it as it is transmuted into luminosity and reintegrated into our being.

Is there a ruling cabal at the panoptic eye level of the hierarchical pyramid? Yes.

Do they generate fear within us to harvest our radiant mind energy for their overlords? I believe so.

Do we live in a world where obedient productivity is rewarded more than free spirited creativity and the most precious gifts we have to offer as humans are taken for granted in favor of our utilitarian value as a slave species? Yes…sad but true.

These truths however, are not ultimate truths. They’re true only within the illusional game we currently play as infinite beings with a yearning to know ourselves experientially. Within the contextual field of our illusions we can do more than know ourselves as infinite love, we can experience ourselves a such. No solutions will be found politically ( Poly means many…Tics means blood sucking insects), nor economically, nor through the emergence of nano technological singularities or a synoptically self assembling globalized version of the human nervous system that affords us escape into bio interfaced virtual reality. We cannot win a fight against the New World Order because it’s an adaptive body snatcher program that infects all who resist it. We only win by emerging from the illusion.

I know the first impulse one might have when it comes to this roller coaster ride we have in front of us for the next few years is to hold on tight but I say the time has come to let go of self importance, trust the infinite and ride the wave. It is not in the nature of spirit to love boundaries at the expense of freedom. Indeed, a fully conscious being would never allow unlimited freedom to be an excuse for ethical misconduct so, for those who say that un-restricted freedom is dangerous, I say go evolve. We turned to gods and jailers because we lost touch with our authenticity, we let ourselves be judged and led like sheep to be sentenced…well, our sentence is up! Welcome to the new world dis-order! Welcome to the garden of weird romance and cosmic delights! Welcome to divinely guided anarchy!

La Fellow Strangiato’s Blog

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The Kassandra Project

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The Kassandra Project


The rampant sexual abuse and emotional traumatization of children by the U.S. government, or at its direction, is one of the country’s best kept secrets. Government-directed mind control cults specialize in dissociative conditioning, a regimen of physical and psychological beatings that give birth to a cluster of alter personalities.

MONARCH programming was a government funded mind control experiment included under the larger CIA operation MKULTRA. Operation Monarch involved using severe electro-shock trauma, sexual abuse, and other sadistic methods designed to split the subject’s mind into alternate personalities. The methods were conducted primarily on children because they are easier to break down psychologically, due to their primitive stage of emotional and cognitive development.

Child pornography rings have operated for decades to satiate our Luciferian official’s carnal desires. They are also employed as a means to blackmail potential threats to the power elite. The Emporer’s Club, a Mossad run operation that brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is a more recent example of the use of sex to control our leaders, and to purge them when it is deemed necessary.

The Finder’s Cult and Franklingate were cases of CIA affiliated child sex abuse/dissociative conditioning operations run in the United States. Dr. Nahman H. Greenberg, is a prominent child abuse psychiatric consultant who designed a psychological profile to identify the personality characteristics of abused children. He was a expert witness in the McMartin trial, and was later used by the government to discredit his own work, and the claims of young sex abuse victims. The CIA created a front group called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) to debunk, ridicule, and defame victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophilic sexual abuse, and CIA cult mind control activities. The board members of FMSF reads like a Who’s Who of CIA contractors and “consultants”.


The widespread reporting of sexual abuses occurring in child daycares flooded our newspapers and televisions in the 1980’s. The most infamous example was the McMartin Preschool case out of Manhattan Beach, California. Over 350 of the children who attended the McMartin daycare indicated that they had been sexually abused. The accounts included: animal sacrifice, ritualistic sexual abuse, underground tunnels, necrophelia, corprophelia, bestiality, and the photographing and videotaping of the children while being sexually abused.

The following excerpt is a letter concerning the McMartin investigation. It was written by Sergeant Beth Dickerson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and sent to Agent Kenneth Lanning at the FBI Academy’s Behavioral Sciences Unit in Quantico, Virginia, dated February 10, 1985:

In all, the victims named seven teachers (six women and one male) at the preschool as having molested them. Also named are about 30 other individuals still uncharged, as well as numerous unidentified ‘strangers.’

Most children state they were photographed in the nude… They mention drinking a red or pink liquid that made them sleepy… Children disclose animal sacrificing (bunnies, ponies, turtles, etc.) and some of this occurred in churches. Victims describe sticks put in their vaginas and rectums and also being ‘pooped’ and ‘peed’ on. Children say that the adults sometimes dressed in black robes, formed a circle around them and chanted.

These children talk of strangers coming to the school and molesting them, being taken off campus and molested, being photographed nude and some talk of animals being abused. The children talk of being hit with sticks and of being ‘peed’ and ‘pooped’ on…

The organization Children’s Institute International conducted a study on the childhood victims from the McMartin school, and two other Manhattan Beach daycares. They determined that “a full eighty percent displayed physical symptoms, including vaginal or rectal scarring, anal bleeding, painful bowel movements, and the ‘anal wick reflex’ associated with violent penetration.”

The McMartin trial was travesty of injustice. Due to procedural matters, and the peculiar deaths (or framed suicides) of ace witnesses, the trial ended with no convictions. The following blocked quotes are from this source.

The older witnesses were not allowed to testify at the McMartin trials, due to statute of limitations issues. Many of the younger witnesses were unable to offer testimony because they were too severely traumatized. Prosecutors had at their disposal “more than a hundred child witnesses as old as eleven and a truckload of medical reports bearing documentation of scarred genitals and anuses.”

District Attorney Ira Reiner inexplicably dropped all charges against five of the seven McMartin defendants on January 17, 1986. Six days before that, he had summarily dismissed two prosecutors on the case. At least three-dozen suspects who had been independently identified by numerous witnesses were never indicted at all.

The deaths surrounding the trial are intriguing. The woman who brought the first charges of her child being abused, a prior Hermosa Beach detective who was investigating the case, and a suspect known as the “Wolfman”, all mysteriously turned up dead.

Judy Johnson, the first McMartin parent to lodge a complaint, never delivered her scheduled testimony. Her body was found sprawled naked on the floor of her home, her death said to be due to complications from her chronic alcoholism (despite having no previous mental or alcohol problems).

Paul Bynum, who had been hired by the parents of victims as a private investigator, turned up dead on the eve of his scheduled testimony. His death by gunshot was ruled a suicide, though those close to Bynum dispute that finding. Among other things, Bynum may have testified about his examination of the tunnel excavation project conducted at the school site (and the findings of animal bones that would have corroborated the children’s claims of animal slaughter).

The suspect known by the children as “Wolfman”, was Robert Winkler. The kids described Winkler as being a frequent visitor to the school, who oftentimes delivered drugs for use in abusive rituals, which were sometimes conducted in churches, a cemetery, or a crematorium. The “Wolfman” turned up dead on the eve of his trial, allegedly of a drug overdose.

Information emerged before the trial verifying the children’s claims that there were tunnels underneath the McMartin Preschool where much of the abuse was alleged to have occurred. Due to a corrupt District Attorney, and a collusive media black out operation, the information was suppressed.

E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D., a highly regarded archaeologist, and a consultant to George Lucas on the Indiana Jones movies, found two underground tunnel complexes, as well as previously unrecognized structural features which defied logical explanation. Both tunnel complexes conformed to locations and functional descriptions established by children’s reports.

Our children our the most vulnerable members of our society. When they are sadistically abused, tortured, and raped, it brings Johnnypeepers great pain. When our elected officials, and their agency henchmen, perpetrate this abuse, it is indicative of a systemic cancer in our government.

I implore you to research our government’s involvement and cover-up of child sex-abuse rings for yourself. The Franklingate files would be an excellent start. On June 29, 1989, The Washington Times broke this story of a homosexual child sex ring being given tours of the Bush 41 White House. I highly recommend the documentary Conspiracy of Silence. Although it was listed in TV guide to air on May 3, 1994, it was censored by our government and did make it to your living room. See for yourself what the fuss was about.

“The world is governed by people far different from those imagined by the public.” Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of Britain

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The Kassandra Project

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