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Source: The neo-colonialism of starvation by Beppe Grillo


925 million people in the world are suffering from hunger while the price of food is going up. Since July, that figure has increased by 18%. Malnutrition is the main cause of death, and it comes so far above illnesses like AIDS, malaria or TB. Most of the starving nations are in Africa. Having said this to start off with, the first thoughts of the richer States should be that of helping Africa and not exploiting it.
13 million Ethiopians don’t have enough food. However, the Ethiopian government has offered three million hectares of cultivatable land to nations where starvation is unknown. 1,000 hectares have already been rented out for 99 years to a billionaire from Saudi Arabia and cultivated with greenhouses, constructed with the best technology, that produce 50 tons of food a day and sent within 24 hours to restaurants all over the Middle East. A study carried out by the company called Grain has shown that 50 million hectares of fertile land (almost twice the surface area of Italy) has been bought by international economic groups or directly by governments of the top States in the world. Darfur is not only a massacre, it’s also a business. Jarch Capital, a New York investment company has rented 800,000 hectares in the South of Sudan. The estimate return on investment is estimated to be at least 25%. For years, India, China and Korea have been going shopping for African land in Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya and Senegal. Africa is the planet’s great feeding trough at the expense of the starving. Like the others, the EU plays its part. With the directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources there is the objective of producing 10% of energy from biofuels by 2015. According to the organisation ActionAid, the European biofuel companies have already bought nearly 4 million hectares that in the future will become 17.5 million.
Disruptive events due to hunger are ever more frequent. The causes are the erosion of the soil in the more developed nations due to cementification and drying up due to intensive cultivation, and the change in climate with massive flooding, as in Pakistan, or fires of proportions never experienced before, like the one in Russia where they had to forbid the exportation of wheat. The food war is at the beginning and in comparison, the oil war will seem like a walk in the park. On the world chess board, things are happening, to get possession of cultivatable land, it’s the most powerful nations, like in a great big game of “Risk”. This is neo-colonialism of starvation that cannot go on for a long time. It’s not possible to think of Africa or South America where China is present with the acquisition of immense agricultural territories, not taking action to hold back their food resources in the event of a world crisis. It’s not possible to bomb cultivatable land. In the future true wealth will be a field of wheat, a kitchen garden or a greenhouse.
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