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Montesquieu’s most influential work divided French society into three classes (or trias politica, a term he coined): the monarchy, the aristocracy, and the commons. Montesquieu saw two types of governmental power existing: the sovereign and the administrative. The administrative powers were the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary. These should be separate from and dependent upon each other so that the influence of any one power would not be able to exceed that of the other two, either singly or in combination. This was radical because it completely eliminated the three Estates structure of the French Monarchy: the clergy, the aristocracy, and the people at large represented by the Estates-General, thereby erasing the last vestige of a feudalistic structure.

Likewise, there were three main forms of government, each supported by a social “principle”: monarchies (free governments headed by a hereditary figure, e.g. king, queen, emperor), which rely on the principle of honor; republics (free governments headed by popularly elected leaders), which rely on the principle of virtue; and despotisms (enslaved governments headed by dictators), which rely on fear. The free governments are dependent on fragile constitutional arrangements. Montesquieu devotes four chapters of The Spirit of the Laws to a discussion of England, a contemporary free government, where liberty was sustained by a balance of powers. Montesquieu worried that in France the intermediate powers (i.e., the nobility) which moderated the power of the prince were being eroded. […] [From Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu]

What are we seeing now?

The most powerful countries of the world are victims of theirself: censorship, violation of human rights, violation of civil rights, violation of freedom of press or speech.

In USA, in the last 8 years, the leader is politic of terror, every road finished a war where USA had political, economic or geopolitical interests. They spy us, they private us of our rights.

For example Microsoft declared they want to buy Yahoo, why? A corporation with $ 51 billion of revenue in 2007 wants to buy the second corporation of the world wide web: Microsoft controls the world of OS while Google controls the world of Internet.

In the past Microsoft paid almost $ 1 billion for Antitrust’s fines: now that it cannot control the web, where another corporation, Google, controls everything, it wants to fight for the freedom of choice? Are we stupid?

US economy is going down. For too many years US fired its money: now the result is that americans have too many debts, families are poor, the sanitary system failed. Now capitalists understand they are wrong, maybe…

Corruption is destroying Italy, Kenya: democracy failed because men can be corrupted, can be bought from money, women, power.

The system of censorship and control reached its maximum in Russia: the power is in hands of a small group of corporation CEO, chairmen: they do what US cannot do until now, in the silence.

Are we sleeping? Really? Do you think maybe that you aren’t a slave? Sorry my friend, you are a slave, like us: the american dream, the italian “dolce vita” and so on are only an excuse to give us illusions, but really they lead, they govern, they use our money, they use our children for their wars, while we need to fight to survive in the fake world they built for us.

Wake up friend, wake up. Democracy is the slavery they invented to keep us dominated in their New World Order.

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The Kassandra Project

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The Kassandra Project

It’s post-elections time in Kenya. Do you remember Bush’s election and the Florida situation? Or the manipulated elections in ucraina in 2004? Or the manipulated elections in Iraq in 2005? Or those of Putin in these weeks?

Kenya: Dec 2007

Someone could speak about legality in Kenya? Violations of freedom and human rights: this is Kenya now.

BBC reported on 30 Dec that Kenya’s electoral commission chief has been prevented from announcing the final results of disputed presidential polls by opposition supporters.

kenya manipulated elections

Samuel Kivuitu was heckled and, as scuffles broke out, had to be led away from the Nairobi briefing by police. Opposition leader Raila Odinga earlier called on President Mwai Kibaki to admit defeat in the elections and accused him of electoral fraud.

The vote count had already been halted, sparking violence around the country. At least 10 people have reportedly died since the vote. Mr Odinga Orange Democratic Movement on Sunday urged the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) to carry out a full review of the results, which correspondents say could take days.

“I wish to appeal to President Mwai Kibaki to acknowledge and respect the will of the people of Kenya and honourably concede defeat,” Mr Odinga said.

Ucraina: Apr 2007

Someone could speak about legality in Ucraina? Violations of freedom and human rights: this is Ucraina now.Israel Shamir reported on April 2007 that there is a coup d’état in Ukraine. Yuschenko means putsch. We will not be able to make right decisions until our collective mind absorbs this fact.

A protégé of the US, Yuschenko seized power illegally, and now that the Ukrainian people with their common sense managed to overcome the consequences of his old Orange coup, he intends to stage another one. Presidents have no right of disbanding parliaments. If they do, they belong to the same kind as Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Yeltsin, and Hitler. They also ascended to power in a more or less legitimate way, but later became putschists and dictators. Yuschenko is trying to become a dictator.

orange revolution ucraina

All of Yuschenko’s tenure has been illegitimate from the start to the present day. The people of Ukraine elected Yanukovich at the 2004 elections. The US activists and their Polish and German allies were discontent with the choice – they organized turmoil and confused Ukrainians with empty talking about “falsifications at the elections”, and finally installed Yuschenko as the President. Yanukovich showed a lack of will in 2004 by submitting to the Western dictate. Since then, Ukraine has endured and learned a lot. The people are disappointed by the West’s creature. They got rid of the Orange politicians and returned the power to Yanukovich. Only Yuschenko is still there somehow. When it became obvious that his bosses’ plan to have the German and the US armies deployed near Smolensk is about to fail, he opted for a coup.

Russia: Dec 2007

We wrote a lot about Russia in our articles “Medvedev: new zar of politics and economy“, “Russia’s government: “a department in the Kremlin Corporation”” and overall about elections in “Russia’s elections: Putin gets over 60%“.

russia elections, putin

Guardian reported on Dec 2007 that european election monitors today accused the Kremlin of manipulating the Russian parliamentary elections in which Vladimir Putin’s party secured a landslide victory.
Luc van den Brande, who headed the delegation from the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly, said officials had brought the “overwhelming influence of the president’s office and the president” to bear on the campaign, and that “administrative resources” had been used to influence the outcome.

Goran Lennmarker, of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said it was “not a fair election”.

USA: Nov 2007

Usa are artists of deception. In the last 10 years we saw every kind of deceit in their “affairs”.
We can read a neutral report for Bush’s deceits from Wikipedia: The United States presidential election of 2000 was a hard-fought contest between Democratic candidate Al Gore, then vice president, and Republican candidate George W. Bush, governor of Texas and son of a former president. Bush narrowly won the November 7 election, with 271 electoral votes to Gore’s 266. There were several important issues in this election, including the role of the United States in international affairs, the economy, and morality, but more attention is usually paid to the election itself, which features a controversy over who won Florida’s 25 electoral votes, the recount process in that state, and the issue of the popular vote.

In the American system of presidential elections, the electoral vote system determines the winner, and Bush won this count, although Gore received more popular votes.

It was the third time in American history that a candidate won the vote in the Electoral College without receiving a plurality of the popular vote; it also happened in the elections of 1876 and 1888. In 1824 John Quincy Adams received a plurality in neither the popular vote nor the electoral college vote and was selected President by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Iraq: Jan 2005

Iraq now is the nobody country. Elections manipulated by USA in order to obtain the total control of iraqi oil and its important geopolitical position against Iran, Europe, Russia.

Lunadicarta wrote in 2005 that
The media theater called the Iraqi election is under way. U.S. television anchor people are broadcasting live from Baghdad, breathlessly describing the preparations for Sunday’s display of so-called democracy.

It is important to emphasive the circumstances under which this election is being held. More than 150,000 U.S. troops occupy the country, patrolling the streets with guns trained on Iraqi civilians. Iraq is under a state of emergency, with expanded police powers and a curfew.

This is and election at gunpoint, which will be supervised by U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte. Negroponte built an impressive resume as a brutal enforcer of U.S. policy through murder, rape, and torture. Negroponte served as U.S. Ambassador to Honduras from 1981-1985; a period during which Honduras was the launching pad from which the Reagan administration conducted its violent attacks on the people of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The U.S-backed atrocities, which were condemned by the International World Court in the Hague, included kidnappings, rape, torture and killing of suspected dissidents. Reports from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Honduras alleged that Negroponte oversaw the expansion of U.S training camp and military base on Honduran territory, where the U.S. trained Contra terrorists, and where the military secretly detained, tortured and executed Honduran suspected dissidents.

This is the person the Bush Administration would have us believe is going to bring democracy to Iraq.

What, then is the purpose of the phony election? It is actually directed at the U.S. public, which is growing increasingly disillusioned with the war. The sole intent of the election is to provide legitimacy for the occupation, to marginalize the resistance movement, and
create an illusion of progress. The election, like the phony transfer of power, will change nothing on the ground in Iraq. On January 31, the day after the election, more than 150,000 U.S. troops will still occupy Iraq, the torture chambers of Abu Ghraib will still be full of Iraqi prisoners, and CIA employee Iyad Allawi will still be the U.S.-appointed dictator.

The Iraqi people have already expressed their will; they are overwhelmingly opposed to the occupation of their country. The majority of Iraqi people want the U.S. troops to leave and do not believe that the U.S. and Britain should be involved in holding elections in Iraq, according to several polls.

Many have already cast their ballot against colonial occupation by joining the nationwide uprising. The intelligence chief for the puppet regime in Iraq, General Mohamed Abdullah Shahwani, admitted that the resistance now numbers more than 200,000.

The resistance is made up of many difference forces, with different ideologies and goals. They are united by the determination to free their country from U.S. occupation.
We’ll hope to speak a little bit more about the topic of Geopolitics and USA movements towards the application of the points of the document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century” the Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony.

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The Kassandra Project


This is what we extract from Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007 of reporters without borders:

Eritrea has replaced North Korea in last place in an index measuring the level of press freedom in 169 countries throughout the world that is published today by Reporters Without Borders for the sixth year running.

“There is nothing surprising about this,” Reporters Without Borders said. “Even if we are not aware of all the press freedom violations in North Korea and Turkmenistan, which are second and third from last, Eritrea deserves to be at the bottom. The privately-owned press has been banished by the authoritarian President Issaias Afeworki and the few journalists who dare to criticise the regime are thrown in prison. We know that four of them have died in detention and we have every reason to fear that others will suffer the same fate.”

Outside Europe – in which the top 14 countries are located – no region of the world has been spared censorship or violence towards journalists.

Of the 20 countries at the bottom of the index, seven are Asian (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam, China, Burma, and North Korea), five are African (Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Somalia and Eritrea), four are in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Palestinian Territories and Iran), three are former Soviet republics (Belarus, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan) and one is in the Americas (Cuba).

“We are particularly disturbed by the situation in Burma (164th),” Reporters Without Borders said. “The military junta’s crackdown on demonstrations bodes ill for the future of basic freedoms in this country. Journalists continue to work under the yoke of harsh censorship from which nothing escapes, not even small ads. We also regret that China (163rd) stagnates near the bottom of the index. With less than a year to go to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the reforms and the releases of imprisoned journalists so often promised by the authorities seem to be a vain hope.”

You can see countries as Italy (G8 Member) behind Latvia, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Namibia, Ghana… and obviously behind the other european countries as France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Sweden…

But italians must be happy: USA are only n.111 with Camerron and Russia is only n.144, a lot of positions above China, Eritrea and Burma.

Where this world is going to?

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