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I’m sorry for my long absence, but I’m following Italy’s situation. It’s quite critical my friends. For some of you who miss our previous posts about Italy, there is a list of link to follow:

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Critical political condition in Italy

In the last two years Italy changed his face. Italy is no more a happy land filled of happy people. People lost the work, the money and often lost somebody in accidents at work.

Italian citizens are demonstrating in the street their opinion, peacefully. PEACEFULLY. But no media is reporting this information.

Every week, there are new demonstrations. Workers, farmers, students: italians are on the street. But what they receive? I don’t want to give you the answer, it should be too easy; I’d just want to show you the TRUTH, as it is not shown by italian media.

Italy is under dictatorship. Police and army are required to keep this regime: they beat women, young students, workers, old farmers, they beat EVERYONE the government wants to beat in order to keep his power. Media are controlled by the government. Economy is controlled by government. They have no work (or they just know that they’ll lose it soon), the have  no hopes to change their life. THEY NEED TO FIGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM.



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The Kassandra Project

Italy 6 months ago was in a critical situation: today Italy is totally in danger, its own political system of Democratic Republic is almost demolished.

From Beppe Grillo’s Blog, State Secrecy on Energy

Sites for the disposal of nuclear waste, new civil installations for energy production, nuclear power stations, “rigassificatori”, incinerators/ “termovalorizzatori” (different types of waste-to-energy technologies} could in the future be covered by State Secrecy. This is set out in a decree that came into effect on May 1st, thus under the Prodi Government.
The decree was published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale on 16 April 2008, number 90. It says that: “In the places covered by State Secrecy the control functions normally carried out by the local public health bodies and by the National Fire Service, are carried out by autonomous offices of control located at a central level in the relevant administration organisations that set them up with their own arrangements.”
”The administration organisations are not obliged to communicate with the local public health bodies and the National Fire Service but they can turn to them for help and consultation.”
Information, news, documents, official paperwork, activities, locations and things related to the matter being referred to can be covered by State Secrecy.”
Article 261 of the Penal Code says that anyone revealing a State Secret will have a sentence of not less than 5 years in prison.
If a mayor were to tell his citizens about the existence of a nuclear waste dump in his territory he would land up in prison. If a mayor does not tell his citizens he would be betraying his position in relation to them.
Our employees are treating us like vassals. If our wishes do not correspond with theirs, they change the laws, they impose State Secrecy on toxic waste, on nuclear power stations. The other countries have secrecy about national security, about military bases. We have State Secrecy about rubbish, about what is poisoning us, about their motivation, about their interests.
Nuclear power stations are not a solution for energy. The greatest world experts agree and through this blog I will collect their evidence. Incinerators are not a solution for the disposal of rubbish. The greatest world experts agree and through this blog I will collect their evidence.
The citizen has the right to be informed about the choices of their employees. Prodi signed the decree, Veltrusconi will use it, but citizens will not hand around watching. freedom of information in a free State.

We live in a totally different world. Our employees are busy isolating themselves from the rest of the Country. Their alibi is governability. There can never have be too much governability for their liking. It has become like a drug. Maximum governability equates to minimum democracy. Control of the media equates to regime.
They are busy stripping democracy like one strips an artichoke of its leaves. One leaf at a time. They have already eliminated direct election. They have eliminated any differences between the various parties’ election programmes: the only remaining difference between the PD and the PDL is the letter “L”. They have eliminated the smaller parties. They have eliminated the opposition. Now they are about to eliminate Parliament.
Fini, the newly elected President of the Chamber, called Kriptonite Di Pietro to order when he brought up the matter of Tar Head’s criminal record and his conflict of interests. “Honourable Di Pietro, you are well aware that it is natural for there to be interruptions, but this also depends on what is being said”. An item missing from the bundle.
Topo Gigio and Tar Head sniffed each other. They decided that they actually liked each other. They got married. The marriage was consummated yesterday on a sofa inside a political complex, far away from the prying eyes of the rest of the Country. Far from the eyes of all those Italians that voted for the Democratic Party in the hope that they would constitute an effective opposition in Parliament rather than be buddy-buddy.
The decisions regarding our future are being made behind closed doors. There will no longer be any discussions held in Parliament. Parliament will only be expected to ratify the wishes of two people sitting drinking tea in some or other lounge. The deputies and senators will not present any opposition whatsoever. They have been elected by the party secretaries after all, not by the citizens. They are nothing more than well-paid employees dependent on their masters.
What is going on is the creation of closed-door democracy. The latest political creation of the italic genius. Emergencies by which the Country will be governed. The squatters, the refuse, security. First they create these emergencies and then they use them in order to justify their own existence. But they are the real emergency. A democratic emergency. The citizen must never find out, the Parliament must never speak out and the television and the newspapers must never inform. We can expect certain serious decisions to be taken for the good of the Country, always and only for the good of the Country. They are busy preparing the ground.

Italy is under a dictatorial regime: manipulation of information and total disinformation are dealing the former “bel paese” toward the social and economic collapse. Political tensions come from everywhere, last news about a spanish deputy premier who criticized Italy government.

Poor Italy.

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The Kassandra Project

On April 13 and 14 there’ll be elections in Italy. We talked about economic and political condition of the “beautiful country” in our past articles.

Today what’s Italy?

Italy is a country which wants to change. Maybe. Mass-media has been manipulated by a corrupted political class whih leads the government since 20 years about. Always the same faces, always he same problems.

50% of italian citizens doesn’t earn enough to survive, the government laws against workers, it seems to see the Argentina of 70’s-80’s: but it is a country which has been destroyed by capitalism and globalization. Under Carlos Menem president:

[…] He is also infamous and criticized for corruption, his pardons to former dictators Videla, Massera, and other convicted criminals of the Dirty War, the failure of his economic policies which (albeit effective in fighting inflation) led to unemployment rates of over 20 percent and one of the worst recesions Argentina ever had, and his dubious handling of the investigations of the 1992 Israeli Embassy bombing and the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center. […]


Menem assumed duties in the midst of a major economic crisis which included hyperinflation and recession. After a series of failed attempts by predecessors, newly-appointed finance minister Domingo Cavallo introduced a series of reforms and pegged the value of the Argentine peso to the U.S. dollar. Privatization of utilities (including oil companies, the post office, telephone, gas, electricity and water utilities) and a massive influx of foreign direct investment funds helped to tame inflation (from 5,000% a year in the late 1980s to virtually zero in the early 1990s) and to improve the economy, but at the cost of considerable unemployment. In 1991 he helped to launch the Mercosur customs union. Menem’s successful turnaround of the economy made the country one of the top performers developing countries in the world (Argentina’s GDP increased 35% from 1990 to 1994). On November 14, 1991 he addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress, being one of only three Argentine presidents who had that distinction (together with Raúl Alfonsín and Arturo Frondizi). Menem was reelected to the presidency by a large majority in the 1995 elections.

The early success of the dollar peg (when the dollar was falling) was followed by increasing economic difficulties when the dollar began to rise from 1995 onwards in international markets. High external debt also caused increasing problems as financial crises affecting other countries (the Tequila Crisis in Mexico, the East Asian financial crisis, the Russian financial crisis in 1998) led to higher interest rates for Argentina as well. At the end of his term, Argentina’s country risk premium was a low 6.10 percentage points above yield on comparable U.S. Treasuries.

Some years after the end of Menem’s term, the combination of fixed-rate convertibility and high fiscal deficits proved unsustainable, despite massive loan support from the International Monetary Fund, and had to be abandoned in 2002, with disastrous effects on the Argentine economy.

In Italy there is a former president, Silvio Berlusconi, famous for his capitalist way of leading the country. Italy could become another victim of wild capitalism of people like him and the IMF. Italy has been destroyed.

Italy needs free information: media censorship and disinformation reduced the country in a kind of pharmacological coma.


Free manifestation by italian citizens are often repressed by police: media reported “violent dissidents” in a manifestation of women, youths, dads with their own child. Italians are tired.


One of the most beautiful city of Italy, Naples:

has been transformed in a landfill:

napoli_after1.jpg _napoli_after2.jpg


In these days Italy must scream. Go Italy, Go!

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