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The Obama Deception

What is the Third World War?

The Conspiracy of Food

The War for 9/11 Truth: No Longer a Conspiracy Theory

  1. Just watched your 9-11 documentary. I guess you learn something new everyday. I also want to thank you on how to be a better blogger. I am personal trainer in washington dc. Please check out my site.
    Thank you.
    Mike Shaw

  2. I believe this article and have watch and took many notes about this subject and other phil valetine discusses camps being set up all over America troops enforcing Marshall law they are preparing for the fall of the dollar my friends think I am crazy when I try to inform them of these situation and action I am glad people are taking action we need more people to come and take a stand we can make a difference I don’t feel alone any more we also need to print as many pamphlets as possible. Thank you for fighting.k.reed

  3. WOW, I want to know how come the major news organization will not air what I just saw. I can’t wait for your next post.
    Thank you!

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