In this page we want to collect what people think about changing this world. Global control, conspiracy, pollution, war, corporation, hate… Too many problems. Send us here your way for changing.

“The Optimist thinks this is the best of all possible world, the Pessimist fears it is true” (J.R.Oppenheimer)

  1. Jean, on 11 December 2007, told us:

    I really believe the Chinese Olympics could be boycotted (All the better at the last minute). Maybe Coca Cola is a good start. The company could support or sponsor the “Going Home Olympics” Athens has stadiums and sports villages stillintact after their hosting of the games. Tibetans want to go home. All the world needs fair trade. China does not offer fair trade. Children, farmers, disabled people and other second class citizens are exploited to produce OUR products at a lower labour cost. Don’t forget human rights in China, caplital punishment, the dying rooms, mainly occupied by new born girls who are not wanted in the system.
    Let’s get together and insist the games go home to Athens like Tibetans should be allowed to go home, autonomously………..they don’t have the presumption of independence. Tibetans are the most humbleand peaceful, non-pretentious people on this planet. They can lead us to a peaceful co-existance. Do we want a peaceful and just global society? Then let’s follow their example.

  2. Kassandra,

    I have several thoughts on the topic.

    1) Vote in a change agent who has more power than anyone in the World, Ron Paul as U.S. President.

    2) Disband the U.N. (the hotbed of international disputes and empty promises for peace)

    3) The de-authorization of U.S. funding for the State of Israel

    4) The active U.S. diplomatic engagement with all States on the State sponsored terrorism list

    5) The disbandment of all foreign aid packages, collective defense treaties, and international trade agreements

    6) Hosting an international think-tank on U.S. soil designed to promote free-market capitalistic solutions to economic problems in third-world nations.

    7) Promoting an international voluntary treaty that promotes Religious equality, Nationalist equality, Cultural equality, Ethnic equality – and promoting a culture of peaceful co-existence with the penalty of exclusion by the nations that have accepted its lofty tenets.

    That is all I have. Please let me know if it is acceptable to Kassandra, or even tenable.

  3. Every thought is acceptable if it’s based on freedom and truth 😉

  4. I think the idea of “rights” is a joke. It has always been thus however, it is only due to the various media outlets that more “citizens” are starting to notice. We have freedom of speech and privacy, but purportedly “social” “fun” networks like Facebook are invading our privacy daily. They are like stalkers, and they know what you are doing all the time. Why? Because we are dumnb enough to willingly provide the information. How dumb are we? I was on Facebook until I realized I wanted to keep some things to myself and hopefully prevent some pervert from knocking on my door because I basically gave them my address. I am not a child either, so the issues is much worse when we think of how naive the kids today are and also how blatanly open. There is a false sense of security in this country and it is a ploy played out daily in every media forum. So I shut down my Facebook (oh, but they still have all my info and friends info. etc..) and here I am ranting on a site defintely “flagged” by one agency or another for being “of interest”. Kassandraproject, that is at least something to be proud of because it means people are reading and “they” are listening. Keep fighting the good fight. your friend, V

  5. I have only these words for you my friend: THANK YOU. I’ll never stop fighting the good fight.
    They canìt stop me, can’t stop us. What we need is a common consciousness and to realize our power of human beings, workers, students, consumers, lovers, friends: we can change the wrong direction only if it’s what we want.

  6. nilesh kadu

    i can’t understand how to leave this life,but when time not taking a rest then we are not stop wake up everytime and active,thinking yes i can do it.


    I think people as a whole (the world) need more “REAL LOVE” Inside them! People need to care more about every other person on this planet! Now stay openminded, if people “care” things will change. When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, if your hair is a mess you fix it, right? Cause you “care” the way people see you. Simple right.? Now take that concept and apply it to our lifestyle in America. If we “care to change” it will happen. But most of us dont “care” what happens to other Americans,people,countr costates, countries, races, or the environment

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  9. Mark Tea

    Stop buying drugs and funding the cartel mafias. That dirty “hot” money is critical to maintaining the false front of the “Too Big To Fail” banks–note that Eric Holder keeps letting banksters get away with laundering drug money with no criminal charges. They are not going to do anything to stop drugs and they aren’t going to legalize them either (their marijuana policy is benign neglect more than actually letting people grow their own).

    If you are upset about the mass murder of those Mexican student teachers, stop giving the criminal organizations who do that stuff any more money.

  10. Diane

    How about All Banks have a computer in their hallway in a small side room!!..Why? just walk up check your accounts on your own…without going up to the desk bothering the agent at the desk!.. so you don’t call in on dial account to check your bank accounts in your own home…because people can hack your telephone line or under ground line older phone down the road even through a unoccupied home with still an electric line working…if hacked or cut into and hooked up..and hear when you dial the numbers and accounts and what bank your in! It happened to us once a long time ago the electric company found out a neighbor was connecting to a outside phone line not turned off of their older home( but now have two but one not mi monitored by the phone and also now internet company!) that burnt down! Just think of how many unoccupied buildings with uncut or un turned off lines are out there that might be being used for thug listening and free intermeeting excetra!!!! lets hope the National security understands this for security terrorism aspects!

  11. Diane

    They can hear the beeping dialing on the phone and figure out the numbers!

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